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Haunted Pub Crawl!
What is a haunted pub crawl?  Perhaps it would be better if we first explained a pub
crawl.  A pub crawl is when one or more people drink in multiple pubs in a single night.  
Now take that concept, and add a ghost tour of the bars and sites in-between, and you
have a haunted pub crawl!

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Pubs, (liquor bars) dot both America and
Europe, and pub crawls have become quite
the rage in certain towns and cities.   Pub
crawls have become especially popular
where many pubs are in close proximity to
one another, within easy walking distance.  
The higher the concentration of pubs in a
small area, the better chance of a pub crawl
taking place.  Locals, as well as tourists,
embark on a ritual of bar-hopping, and no
place is more known for this than Key West,
Florida.   The standard custom is to have a
drink or two, then move on to the next pub.
Some believe ghost stories are only for children, but a haunted pub crawl combines local
legends of ghosts, with some good-hearted fun.  Licensed guides typically provide an
informative walking tour of a given area's beloved taverns.  Many haunted pubs have their
share of bizarre stories of local patrons.  As one might imagine, bars can be a place
where many a tale has been shared over the years.  Some of those accounts have lived on
over the years to become the stuff of legend.

The term "pub crawl" was coined in England where many pubs and taverns can be found
within walking distance of one another.  After having a drink at each establishment, by the
end of the evening one might be in a state better described as "crawling," than walking.  
Pub crawls are always for adults of legal drinking age, only.

Most haunted pub crawls do not require that participants actually drink alcohol.  In fact,
many might enjoy a soda, or just one alcoholic beverage during the whole tour.  What
make the haunted pub crawl interesting is certainly the stories and the local people who
populate the taverns.  Most are very colorful, and can be quite entertaining in their own
right.  An evening of haunted pub crawling can become a very good time of human
camaraderie, as stories are shared to inspire and intrigue the human imagination.  

To add a new flavor during the pub crawl seasons, many touring companies will change
the pub in which they begin the tour, providing a different route (as well as bars) to explore.
A typical haunted pub crawl may visit a minimum of three taverns, interlacing ghost stories
in-between stops as well as during pub visits.  The time of the haunted pub crawl may vary,
but traditionally many tours last about two hours or so, in length.  Most pub stops are about
twenty minutes in duration, just enough time to grab a drink, hear some tales, and visit the

One thing is sure concerning a haunted pub crawl, and that being you will see spirits!  Of
course, the spirits one experiences may not be solely of the ethereal kind.  Yet, many have
witnessed strange occurrences within the haunted pubs they have visited.  Being places of
history, and at times tragedy, bars and taverns carry quite a bit of emotional baggage,
spiritually speaking.  Former patrons, bar-owners and the like may still frequent the joints,
according to some pub tour guides.  During your haunted pub crawl, if you can seek out
the owner of the bar, do so.  You might be amazed at some of the stories of locals and
phantoms some pub owners are able to recall.  One haunted bar owner told tourists of the
tragedies of former patrons, the history of the building, and shared photographs of the
pub's resident spectres!

Below is a short list of some Haunted Pub Crawls you may visit:

Wilmington North Carolina Haunted Pub Crawl
A 2-1/2 hour, humorous adventure of Old Wilmington.

Savannah Georgia Haunted Pub Crawl
Two hour candlelight walking tour of Savannah's haunted pubs and taverns.

Annapolis Maryland Haunted Pub Crawl
Enjoy a two hour visit of four of the most haunted pubs.

New Castle Haunted Pub Crawl (UK)
In the tradition of English pub crawls, you will visit some of the most haunted taverns.
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