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Enjoy reading some short ghost stories submitted to  Angels & Ghosts.

You may be asking, "What is a short ghost story?  Well, it is just that - a ghost story that is very short and to the point!

Many times we want to quickly read a ghost story as we do not have much time, or we would like a quick thought - provoking scare.  Below are some very nice, but short, ghost stories to read.

Short Ghost Stories
Kaitlyn's Ghost Story
Short ghost story about a poor man who left their presence by air!
Short Ghost Stories   
Ian's Short Ghost Story
This is a nice little story about a ghost visitor who happened to be his Uncle.

Old Man Ghost Story
Former resident spooks new owner in short! 

Mum's Ghost Story
Short ghost story passed down from her mother.

Pool & Barn Ghost Story
Resident is shocked in this short story...

Being Ghost Story
Perry tells his short ghost story about some sort of...

Two Ghosts Story
Sightings of two ghosts in this story...

Old Church Ghost Story
Spooky old lady...
Short Ghost Stories   
Amber's Ghost Story

Guess what she and her Aunt saw walking down the hallway of her home?

The Doll Ghost Story
It just keeps coming back!

3 Short Ghost Stories
Angel shares some stories!

Ghost Tees!

Ghost Books!
Man in Hallway Story
She's sees someone who shouldn't have been there.

Little Girl Ghost Story
A little female's voice is heard calling people in this short ghost story...

Sightings Ghost Story
Karin's short ghost stories.

Rest Home Ghost Story
Need we say more?

George Ghost Story
Boy in grandmother's house...oh my!

Cigar Smoke Ghost Story
Is that their Uncle Billy?  Short story of aroma...


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