What is an Apport?

In ghost investigation, sometimes, objects are made to appear by spirits as a sign. Such an item is referred to as an "apport."

An apport is an object brought forth and made to appear to the living by a ghost or spirit, the item coming from somewhere else such as the natural or supernatural world.

The definition of apport derives from the same French word, meaning the "action of bringing" or a "thing brought."

Apports and Tricksters
Especially during the time of Spiritualism, when weird stuff would magically appear during seances, apports were used as a way by charlatans to confirm to attendees that something other-worldly was happening. Apports, reportedly made from moist cheesecloth or paper, would be used to create the illusion of "ectoplasm" (a manifestation of spirit) coming forth from the psychic medium's orifice, such as the nose, mouth, or ears.

Apports in Ghost Hunting
In modern ghost investigation, the word "apport" might be used to represent an object being moved from another part of a haunted site to where investigators are working. For example, a stone might be brought up into the living area of a house from an old basement; or an unknwon, mysterious object might appear in a room to a homeowner, etc. Such movement of objects by ghosts and apports may be attributed to poltergeist-type haunting

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