Crescent Hotel Ghost Story

A ghost story about mysterious events that happened at the Crescent...

A husband and wife, their two sons, the wife’s parents, and the wife’s two sisters and two nieces decided to stay at the Crescent Hotel one summer, a hotel known for being haunted. The parents were in one room, the sisters and nieces in another; and the wife, husband, and sons were in one more.

The Fallen Lamp
About ten minutes after the sisters went into their room, they ran out screaming that the lamp shade had jumped into the air, spun around, and fell to the floor. After that, everyone in all three rooms decided to go to bed but were a bit discomforted, to say the least.

The Running Toilet
In the wife, husband, and sons’ room, the toilet would not stop running. The husband looked inside the back of the toilet and saw the chain was off. He put it back on. An hour later, the toilet started back up again - running non-stop. This time, the husband twisted the chain back on to ensure that it would not slip off again. The next morning the toilet was running again, so the family just let it go because they believed someone must have wanted it that way.

The Ringing Phone
Back in the nieces and sisters’ room, every thirty minutes the phone would ring. When the phone was answered, no one was there.

Mysterious Parents
In the morning, everyone but the parents went down to the garden. The group looked up to their parents’ window and saw them standing at it; so they waved to their mom and dad. The parents did not wave back. When the group went up to ask them if they had seen them down in the garden waving, the parents said they had not looked out their window at all. Besides, they explained, the window was too high on the inside wall for them to see down to the yard.