Haunted Hotel Stories

We've gathered a collection of short stories from various haunted hotels, touching on some of the ghost activity that visitors and hotel staff have encountered over the years at these more famous places. Hotels can be haunted due to tragic events, guests (or ghosts) who never check out, or the site itself having been a part of traumatic events long before the hotel was erected. Long live the haunted hotel...

The Provincial Hotel
This New Orleans haunted hotel is notorious for ghostly encounters. Stories abound from staff and hotel guests who have encountered cold spots, apparitions, a haunted radio that changes stations, disembodied voices, spirit mists, to accounts of ghosts grabbing people by the hand. This haunted hotel is no stranger to spooky noises, whispers, footsteps, and wounded spectres from Civil War battles long ago. The Provincial was formerly a Confederate Hospital, and apparently the traumas of war still haunt those who worked or died there.

Le Pavilion Hotel
Another New Orleans haunted hotel, this "Belle" is believed to be haunted by several ghosts. Ghostly voices have been heard and recorded within its walls, as staff have long suspected it to be a haunt. Some believe that the haunted hotel is very lively with apparitions being reported. Can you imagine having the sheets pulled off of your bed, or being awakened to a spirit trying to communicate with you at the foot of your bed? Some guests have even reported ghosts sittting on the bed with them, touching them, and talking with them as though they were still in-body! Some of the ghostly messages recorded in this haunted hotel truly will make the hair stand up on one's arms, such as "Get out," and "You are mine."

Hotel Del Coronado 
A young lady by the name of Kate Morgan checked into this soon-to-be haunted hotel, and awaited her estranged husband. After a few days, her lifeless body was found on the hotel steps heading toward the ocean. Kate's apparition is said to roam the halls of this haunted hotel still to this day, ever searching for the husband who never came in 1892.

The Carolina Inn 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina is home to a very haunted hotel. One such account is of a man that is seen, but cannot be tracked down, for he simply disappears when closed in upon. It would seem he likes checking to see if guest's doors are locked. Perhaps, he wants to get in and is not so concerned with their safety. Could he be a former vandal who operated in the hotel? Guests report many other ghosts, including a phantom doctor who formerly resided at the inn for two decades. The haunted hotel is no stranger to odd occurrences, locking doors, ghostly music being heard, whispers, shadows and orb-like anomalies seen floating by.

Myrtles Plantation Bed-and-Breakfast
Myrtles Plantation is now a haunted hotel, due to slave Chloe having accidentally murdered the former owner's wife and children. Today, visitors have witnessed the poisoned mother and children on the grounds of the plantation-turned-haunted hotel. Some believe even remorseful Chloe still haunts the place. Noises, footsteps, strange sights, and eerie presences are also experienced on what was originally American Indian burial grounds.

The Ramada Plaza Hotel 
This haunted hotel is in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and is allegedly built upon gangster tunnels used for escape during the roaring twenties. Both staff and guests have had frightening experiences within this haunted hotel, such as hearing male voices, footsteps walking around, apparitions that vanish through walls or down halls, ghostly touches and pushes, eerie noises, screams, and things turning on and off. It has been said that this building was a psychiatric hospital and nursing home before it became a haunted hotel, once again. Perhaps it has nine lives? And just maybe this explains why some of the haunting activity takes place in this old haunted hotel.

The Buxton Inn 
Granville, Ohio is no stranger to haunted places, but this haunted hotel is notorious for its ghostly presences. The building itself was a former stage coach stop and post office. Ghost reports began in the 1920's, and continue through to this day. Fortunately, this may be the haunted hotel to try staying at first, as it seems all of the Buxton Inn ghosts are at least friendly. Survive this experience, and you can move on to bigger ghosts. Reports of apparitions of male and female have been recorded over the decades. Some believe that the original owner of the building still resides here, as he has been seen and communicated with several times. Another ghost that resides at the haunted hotel is the "Lady in Blue." She has also been seen several times, and is believed to be a former innkeeper nicknamed "Bonnie." Staff and hotel guests have seen her wearing her favorite color; blue, of course. The Buxton Inn is home to unexplainable noises, shadowy figures, objects moving, and other ghosts from the hotel's past.

The Goldfield Hotel
Room 109 of this haunted hotel is where a young and mistress of the 1908 hotel's owner, George Winfield, was banished and chained to a radiator after becoming pregnant. Her ghost has been seen roaming the halls of the Goldfield Hotel that's been closed for many decades after being built during the height of a Nevada gold rush. Many believe Elizabeth still searches for her lost baby. George is also believe to be haunted by the hotel, tragedy, and its eventual demise. The third floor has its own ghosts, too. Two suicides took place there, and the haunted hotel upstairs is known for many moving shadows. This haunted hotel is known to be very creepy, with numerous ghosts, moving balls of light, disembodied voices, shadow figures, and a strong presence in the basement. If you are allowed to visit here, be sure and take your heart medication, first.

Menger Hotel
This San Antonio haunted hotel claims to have documented sightings of 32 different apparitions being seen within it. There are reports of spirits walking corridors of the hotel, trepsing through halls with towels, floating through walls, and at times communicating with guests and staff, then disappearing. The kitchen staff of this haunted hotel is said to notice utensils transporting to different places from time to time, and the hotel is no stranger to the typical ghostly sounds and things that go bump in the night.

The Stanley Hotel
Located in Estes Park, Colorado, the haunted hotel is said to have inspired horror author Stephen King when he saw the ghost of a boy playing in the hall while staying in Room 217. But it is Room 418 that receives most of the haunted reports of ghostly haunting, especially ghost children playing in the fourth floor hallway. The piano in the music room is said to play on its own occasionally, and it is believed that the haunted hotel's original owners are responsible. Other apparitions and experiences have of course been described by both patrons and staff over the years.

Heathman Hotel
Portland, Oregon's haunted hotel is the Heathman. Legend has it that every hotel room that ends in "03" has some sort of paranormal activity attached to it. Some believe that a man jumped to his death from room 803, and now haunts all the rooms directly below it. Perhaps, he re-creates his fall every night. Who knows? Room 703 is home to a ghost that uses the towel, a glass of water, and sits at the desk.

Queen Mary Hotel
Well, this ship is docked in Long Beach, California, and is notorious for being haunted by apparitions of sailors and former passengers. Now you can stay here, as it is converted to a hotel, although haunted. Women who drowned in the ship's First Class Swimming Pool years ago, can sometimes still be felt, along with a playful child ghost who likes to tug on people's clothing. The Queen's Salon has been another hot spot for ghosts, with an apparition of a lady in white dress having been seen. Cabin B340 is allegedly so active, that it will no longer be rented. Other areas, such as the First Class Suites and Tourist Class Swimming Pool are also haunted by ghosts.

Napa River Inn
This haunted hotel in Napa, California is reportedly haunted by a ghost that likes to sip wine, accompanying strange noises, balls of light, and other weird phenomena.

Sagamore Hotel
The haunted hotel of Bolton Landing, New York has had ghost sightings since the 1950's, specifically a little boy seen out on the golf course. Apparitions of a couple in period dress from the late 1800s has been spotted in the dining room, apparently still coming down for dinner!

The Inn at 835
Springfield, Illinois building for luxury apartments eventually became a hotel that is haunted. Being built in the early 1900s, the haunted hotel is allegedly haunted by its former builder and owner, Bell Miller. It is common place to hear her disembodied voice, or observe her drifting through the hallways.

Brown Palace Hotel
A uniformed waiter has been seen in the Denver haunted hotel's service elevator. The problem is that he is a spectre! Other apparitions have been seen here as well, such as a train conductor being spotted where the former railroad ticket office used to be. Room 904 has been known to call down to the front desk in the past, but there is no phone found within Room 904.

Hotel Jerome
Originally a hospital that treated injured and sick miners, this haunted hotel is known to have ghostly gasps, coughs, moans, and heavy breathing. The building itself was empty for 46 years after the hospital closed down. In 1996, the Arizona building was re-opened as a hotel that's haunted by ghosts from the past.

Monte Vista Hotel
Flagstaff, Arizona landmark, known for visits from the upper crust of Hollywood. The bar is said to be haunted by a former bank robber who died there after having a drink. A bellboy is also known to knock on doors in this haunted hotel.

Equinox Hotel & Spa
Vermont's haunted hotel is said to have ghosts that spook the maids. It is not uncommon for beds to be stripped by themselves. Maybe the ghosts are helping? Many wonder if Abraham Lincoln's wife (Mary Todd) and child are the apparitions that have been witnessed at this haunted hotel.

There are of course, many other haunted hotels which have similar tales. Should you visit any of these legendary haunts, remember to ask haunted hotel staff about the ghost stories, as well as their recommendation as to which room you should stay in. Rooms at haunted hotels can be difficult to acquire and reserve quickly, so book ahead for many are dying to stay there.