Haunted Hotel Ghost Picture

Teri Robson from Cultus Lake, British Columbia, Canada was at a haunted hotel. Teri experienced ghosts at that haunted hotel -- a former brothel. Here is her story...

"This picture was taken at the Palace Hotel, Port Townsend, Washington. This hotel, a former brothel, and built around the turn of the century is reputed to be haunted. This was verified by hotel staff as well as a number of guests who submitted their own stories of paranormal occurrences. There is a large file kept at the front desk which I happened to read while staying there in the fall of 2005. The room that the picture was taken in is supposed to be where a lot of the activity has taken place. It was formerly the sitting room of the Madame who ran the brothel, and on the other side of the closed door is her personal suite. We stayed in her suite but did not experience anything unusual.

On the day we were to leave we did a tour of the various rooms of the hotel and took pictures as we went along. We used a 35 mm Minolta camera and 400 asa film. We saw nothing in the mirror when we took it nor were there any lights on, as it was during the day. We got the picture back and the first thing we noticed was the shadowy image of a woman's face with long hair and an "orb" that looks like an electrical charge. Not sure whether this is a genuine spirit photograph or a trick of the light? Judge for yourself..."