The Jefferson Hotel "Haunted Mirror"

A Ghostly Encounter with the Haunted Mirror

Jefferson Hotel Haunted Mirror StoryAs a man traveled to Jefferson, Texas from Colorado, he decided to call the Jefferson Hotel to reserve a room, for he had been driving for many hours and was tired from the long haul. He specifically requested a "haunted" room from the manager.

Once he finally arrived, he checked in at the front desk and walked to his room - number 19. Upon opening the door to the space, he openly declared to the empty room, "I'm exhausted from the long drive. If you want to haunt me, fine. If not, no problem." He had wanted the haunted encounter but was willing to let the night slip away without having one.

After eating dinner, the man had decided to settle down in the old, claw foot tub in the bathroom. Quite quaint. As time passed, the mirror in the bathroom began to fog up from the steam of the hot bath water. All of a sudden, the word, “help” appeared in the middle mirror as if written by an invisible finger. A little while later, the word, “me” also became visible below the word “help.” Finally, the word, “murdered” became barely visible at the bottom of the mirror. As the room cooled, over time, the steam eventually vanished from the room and the words written on the mirror glass became undetectable. But the man saw them, and the cryptic message made him wonder about Judy and the help she needed. Was she murdered at this hotel?

The next morning, on a whim, the man fogged up the mirror, again; but this time, no words appeared. Many people wonder if this room in the Jefferson Hotel is truly haunted. Supposedly, as stories go, a woman died in the bathtub of that very room. Some believe the words are etched, or maybe, invisibly rewritten on the glass of the mirror, only seen once the mirror is fogged up. There have been several accounts of words appearing this way at the Jefferson over the years.

Haunted? Go stay there and report back to us what you find out. We also hear room 14 is a good room to stay in, too.