Menger Hotel: Ghost of Teddy Roosevelt?

Does this panoramic photo reveal the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt?

"This was taken at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. It appears to be the ghost of President Theodore Roosevelt, who is a known resident spirit of the hotel. He is on the 2nd floor balcony on the right." - Josh Terrell

The Menger Hotel bar is famous for cowboys and deals made on a handshake. It is also said to be the most haunted hotel in Texas with a believed 38 ghosts. 

Teddy Roosevelt is also said to have recruited his Rough Riders cavalry brigade in this watering hole and, so, it is believed his spirit might also haunt the Menger.

Is this the former US President's ghost on the balcony, overlooking the lobby?

The original photograph was taken as a panoramic shot, so we can see image stitching throughout the photo. Could somebody that looks like Teddy have been standing on the second tier when the photo was snapped?