Do Ghosts Haunt Washington D.C. Sites?

When we think of ghosts and haunting, especially, where a disembodied person might want to perpetually visit, attractions come to mind. If you were a ghost, would you want to visit places you haven’t seen before? Perhaps. What about retracing steps to other earthly sites that hold fond memories? It would seem the possibilities could be endless, a real “ghosts on vacation” type of scenario. You could visit tourist sites, amusement parks, even the universe, maybe. I certainly might give that a go, for sure. And, think about this: you could visit the busy, tourist traps undetected and for free!

This month, we posted a particularly interesting ghost photo taken at the Lincoln Memorial (Lincoln Memorial Ghost). This ghost traveler did not go undetected. A  gray-ish man, wearing a hat or helmet, walked among visitors. Only the camera’s eye saw him, and now we can show him to you.

Whoever he is, I cannot help but wonder why he would be there.  Was he on vacation? Did the Washington D.C. ghost travel there with family or friends?  Or, does he continually hang around Lincoln’s seated statue, ever guarding it from vandals? One can only imagine the reasons why…

- Louis

Our New Website Is Live – Yay!

After many months and working on content clean-up since July of 2013, I am very pleased to announce that our new website has made it up on the Internet. Check out the new Angels & Ghosts site and let me know what you think!

We have plenty of content to be adding to the site now that we are good to go. I think you’ll love the new design and logo as well as the website’s ability to work on any type of device that accesses the Internet: tablets, smartphones, iPods, desktops, laptops – well, you get the idea.

I also wanted to point you to a new video called “Selfie Ghost” that is very flabbergasting. We do not know what caused the “ghost”to appear at the end of the clip, but you should know that Mary’s hand on the phone would not allow for her fingers to get in the way of filming. So what reaches forth toward her in the background, right side? Take a look and see if you can figure it out – we can’t.

- Louis

Meditating to Reach Spirits

All of us have heard of meditation and how it can help us to find peace or “level set” by quieting the mind. But over the years, for me, meditation has helped bridge the gap between 2 worlds – one of which, I feel, coexists with us.

I’d became aware of this other world, let’s call it “Spirit,” quite by accident. It took my by surprise, out of the blue, one year, dramatically touching my life for about a week. At that time, I believed that a spirit world existed but, to me, that place seemed far, far away. I was heavily involved in a religion and was deep into my religious books and teachings. So, imagine what it must have been like for me when, one day, a strong, unseen presence was suddenly with me in my home. I could feel this presence. Was it a person? People? At that time, I had no idea – I only recognized that it was real, tangible and had a voice.

To make a long story short, this voice was something I had connected with and learned from; and I would continue to reconnect with the voice of Spirit over many years. Sometimes, these connections were daily if I wanted them to be; other times, the connection might seem lost for a period of time. It was meditation, though, that could always be used to bring me back to those who are with me in Spirit.

To learn more about reaching spirits who are with you, even now, may I suggest reading the article, Meditation to Talk to Spirits. I think that becoming aware of something greater is the first step. And I also think that connecting brings many blessings to the person who is aware.  - Louis


2014 Is Here! Angels & Ghosts News…

Like every year, 2014 is no different: Annually, we like to look at psychic predictions and upcoming ghost conventions – exciting stuff!

2014 Psychic Foresight?
Scouring the Internet for stabs at what lies ahead, we have gathered together a list of predictions to watch out for – will they come to pass? Hmm…read our 2014 psychic predictions and check back in 2015 to see what happened (or didn’t happen).

Ghost Conventions
We have compiled a nice list of upcoming conferences and conventions – “ghost talks” – you can attend. See if there is one near you and commit to attend! 2014 Ghost Conferences

Haunted Explorations
This year, we have plans to visit San Diego, Savannah and a slew of towns in the Outer Banks as we chase down tales of haunting and ghosts. We promise to report back with the stories and recommendations of where to visit when we return from our trek!

New Website!
Last, but not least, our brand new website is coming along nicely, but slowly. (Dang – wished it could be live, now!) We will have a new logo, new look and a site that will work nicely on smartphones and tablets, completely mobile-friendly! Some of the new features will be a “lazy load” of our picture and video sections, photo and video galleries and very well-organized. After we get it live (this Spring?), we promise to have some surprises for our visitors!

Unseen Family Are With Us in Spirit

Spirits With Us Always

Loved Ones Are With You – Change Your Beliefs
During the holidays, many people become saddened by memories of family and friends who have passed before them. It can be a very somber time if we lock our minds into the idea of loss, grief and separation from people we love.

At Angels & Ghosts, we encourage readers that our loved ones are indeed with us. Just because you do not see them or hear them does not mean that death has to be an impenetrable wall, separating us from those whom we cherish. Instead, this time of year, begin by changing your thinking – believe that family and friends are with us in spirit. Imagine them taking part in the festivities and not missing out on the events in our lives.

We could talk at length about scriptures in the Bible, even words that Jesus had purportedly uttered, that reveal that people are not dead when their bodies expire; that humanity is much bigger than meets the eye. In fact, Jesus, we read, refused to call anyone “dead” who had physically passed. He said they were “sleeping.” And if we look into the epistles, this scripture is very encouraging:

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.” – Hebrews 12:1

And that verse mirrors what we have found in the evidence we have been collecting for 10 years: All of us are surrounded by people in spirit! We become more and more convinced of this each year, remaining awed by the different ways spirits make their presence known to us.

All Family Are With Us During the Holidays!

Nicolas McCabe Makes His Presence Known to Family
Nic McCabe died in a tornado that destroyed an elementary school in Oklahoma. Because his family was suffering the loss of their son, we believe Nic has been remaining with them to watch over their lives and bring comfort – he’s worried about them. (And, who wouldn’t worry about loved ones who are grieving?) Unwittingly, his essence was photographed, proving to family, who had suspected he was there by their sides, that he was indeed HERE – not some place far away; but he is with them here, now. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the photo “Family Spirits With Us.”

To some religious institutions, that may seem impossible. But remember that it is possible that some religious beliefs are incorrect – especially those that are based upon fear and separation. (And some religious ideas are flat out wrong. They have to be; otherwise, there wouldn’t be differing beliefs. I mean someone has got to be wrong!)

We have found that there is no separation except for the person who chooses to believe in it. But, deny the idea of all of humanity being separate, and your view of the world will begin to change.

Happy Holidays,


Moving Shadowed Form – Hot Off the Press!

Often, we receive shadow ghost photos, but few of them demonstrate movement and interaction with the living. To be sure, Laura Lyn had no idea that she had recorded the spirit person in several photos, but she was aware of activity in the room (she’s intuitive). Take a look at these photos from her: Rogue’s Hollow Shadow Ghost Photos

Can Ghosts Travel? What Is the Cost?

Paranormal investigation has been a tour de force, growing in popularity through television shows, movies, radio programs and ghost tours springing up across the world. Today, it is so easy for people who are interested in ghosts and spirits to find a way to explore their yearnings. But with all the opportunity comes something that many who want to indulge in spirited activities might not consider: bringing home ghosts. And the idea of a specter following someone home from a ghost hunt is something incomprehensible for most; after all, ghosts, we have learned from movies and books, are mysterious entities that live in haunted houses and graveyards.

Of course, I was being facetious – ghosts are people…people who still differ from one another. And, that means their personalities, likes, dislikes, emotions, and most importantly, their behaviors are all unique. So, think about this: if all ghosts differ from one another, wouldn’t their behaviors also vary? Would all ghosts have to follow the same rules as to where they live, where they travel and what their motives might be? The answer, surprisingly, is “no.”

Ghost Lady

With everything one undertakes in life, it is important to “weigh the costs”; and this is true with ghost investigation, too. Most ghosts are not troublesome when dealt with, but it is possible to come across a troubled soul that is more than one has bargained for – and that possibility needs to be considered. What if a ghost with bad intentions follows you home? Perhaps, you are willing to take the chance, and we get that. Most ghost investigators do, knowingly, take the chance. But what if you have children at home who are vulnerable, unable to remain fearless if confronted by a dark spirit? Weigh the costs, please, before embarking on a paranormal encounter. We teach people not to succumb to fear and promote the exploration of the unknown. But, ghost hunters need to account for others in their lives who may be brought into something they are not, yet, ready to handle.

This month, we shared a neat story about a haunted house that was recently moved, and people are wondering if the ghosts will remain with the home. That remains to be seen. But, know that ghosts do move; and they just might like your home better than the place you found them residing…

Ancient Egypt – Mummies & Specters

Ancient Egypt & Beliefs in the Afterlife: MummyAfter watching different movie versions of “The Mummy,” one can’t help but wonder what ancient Egypt believed with regard to curses, plagues, entities, the afterlife and more. Did priests of Pharaoh have direct connections with dead ancients and the afterlife? Could they manipulate spirits or apply curses to the living and the damned? We may never know.

Westerners have been captivated by Egyptian culture, especially so, when King Tut’s remains and raided tomb treasure made its way to the United States. Rumors of a curse plaguing those who participated in the Tut excavation have been the stuff of legend. Could ghosts have haunted the archaeology team and their families?

This month, Egypt is on our minds. So, we have a great article about this wonderful, ancient culture’s belief in ghosts and spirits: Egyptian Ghosts

Angel in Missouri Cornfield? Priest Appears…Disappears

Recently, we heard on several news reports about a mysterious priest who had appeared, prayed and left a car crash scene. The people there were left wondering who this mystery man was? Was he an angel? A real man? A phantom? Nobody knew, but they recognized a miracle had taken place in their midst.

To read the full story, visit Mysterious Priest Angel Story

Ghosts and Their Groups / Website Upgrade

Ghosts and Their Groups
We’ve been giving a lot of thought to the idea behind communication with ghosts, especially that which originates from the non-physical realm. Why would others, in Spirit, wish to talk to ghosts of people who are hanging around the Earth plane?

We do not wish to spill the beans just yet, but in the book, Helping Ghosts, if you read it, you’ll learn about some of the audio recordings we made that not only contained voices of ghosts but of spirits who were attempting to get in touch with those of us here. These spirits were not trapped but actually working to help lost spirits of people (ghosts) get free from this physical realm and they needed us to assist them. That is the crux of the book.

However, these ghost and spirit voice recordings really validated some ideas we had about all of us being surrounded by enlightened spirits who watch over and communicate with us. These spirits also are attempting to make contact with ghosts. We have been studying and working to understanding this greater and have some very good working information that will be published as an upcoming article on Angels & Ghosts this year. We are excited and amazed to be able to put together some more pieces of the mystery that is life and share it with you. It was, quite honestly, eye-opening.

Website Upgrade in Progress
Recently, we have contracted with a top design and development firm to completely revamp the Angels & Ghosts website. It is already in progress and began with a brand new logo design. The website will have some nice surprises that shall remain secret, for now. Suffice to say that the project will take several months or more to complete, but we are addressing over 4000 pages of content – some of which was created as far back as 2004. Know that our #1 priority will be visitor experience. It is our hope to have the absolute best ghost and spirit website on the web.

During this time, though we are still receiving submissions, we have ceased from publishing any new content on the website until after the new site launches. Our fingers are crossed that we are able to do so, this year.