Unmasking the Demonic | Ghosts & Nostalgia | Mansion Apparition

June 2015

We are very excited to begin sharing information about negative energy, this month, what some may call “the demonic.” I think it is a topic that is misunderstood.

We needn’t be afraid. It’s time to face the darkness and see what really lies within. – Louis

devil-demonic-collective-unconsciousness-2015nlGetting to Know the Devil and Its Demons
You might have heard of the old adage, “The Devil made me do it” but could it contain a hidden truth?

Can we give place to an opposing entity within us? Buckle your seat belt and read: The Devil: Collective Unconsciousness

nostalgia-singapore-theory-ghosts-2015Ghosts & Nostalgic Reactions?
We might say that ghosts are attached to the past. But that is not a huge secret.

But some ghost investigators use the past to elicit a response in the present. Read: Ghosts and Singapore Theory

mansion-apparition-ghost-photo-4-2015zzWhite Apparition on Stairwell Photo
This famous ghost picture surfaced back in 2005 and was taken with a film camera. Even the film’s negative showed the entity.

Thanks to Missouri Ghosts for allowing us to share their incredible evidence! See the: Mansion Apparition Ghost Photo

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