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By LC Duplatt
The haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse is a very active place according to numerous paranormal investigators, as well as Special Projects Coordinator, Faith Albers.  In fact, it is believed most buildings and the grounds are quite haunted.  So while in Florida July 2008, I decided to climb the haunted lighthouse tower in St. Augustine and see if I could make contact with the resident ghosts utilizing a ghost box device at about 7:15 PM.

I waited until the tower was empty and the door closed behind me before running an eight minute recording session up top.  Most of the recording was made one landing down from the very top, while a portion was recorded as I descended to the next landing and then downward.  My goal was simply to receive some messages that I could deem as intelligent communication.
The St. Augustine Lighthouse staff tries not to give names to ghosts, as there had been 73 lighthouse keepers and their families during its long history.  Faith also told me that spirits of adults and children both have been visibly witnessed and audio recorded via EVP .  During my session in the tower, I did hear evidence of both children and adults.  As is typical with many of my ghost box recordings, I also heard the spirits discussing me, trying to help one another, and of course asking for my help.  "Help" messages are received because ghosts are truly lost spirits who need assistance in moving on.  Many ghosts are trapped here as earthbound spirits, and are unsure of how to get free (in my opinion).

Photo of the St. Augustine Lighthouse tower spiral staircase that winds its way up the fourteen stories.

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A big thank you also goes out to Faith Albers of the St. Augustine Lighthouse staff. 
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St. Augustine's Haunted Lighthouse


St. Augustine Lighthouse Spiral Stairs

The following audio recordings were made in the St. Augustine Lighthouse tower:

1) "Who is he?" - This is an example of ghosts talking with each other about me. 

2) "Bobby." - Question: I ask, "What's your name?" Answer: "Bobby."

3) "Forty." - Question: I ask, "How many are in the tower?"  Answer: "Forty." (repeated several times) 

4) "Help." - This is an example of "help" heard in the middle of the recording.

5) "Help us to see." - Another example of an amazing request for help!

6) "Talk with her." - Question: After moving down a landing I ask, "Is it better for you to talk here?"  Answer: "Talk with her."  This is also an example of a spirit trying to help another!

7) "Just me." - Question: After moving down a landing I ask, "How many spirits are here?"  Answer: "Just me."

8) "The keeper." - Question: I ask, "Who needs help?" Answer: (A very relevant) "The Keeper."

9) "Light on.  Leave it off." - Question: I ask, "I'm gonna' lock the tower, is that good?"  Answer: (Sounds like) "Light on.  Leave it off!"

10) "G' night..."  I heard the "night" from what sounds like an EVP from a child, so I said, "Good night."  "Good night" is then repeated back to me from another spirit (listen closely).

Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse - Keeper's House


Spanish Moss frames the old Keeper's House at St. Augustine Lighthouse.