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Our Ghost Picture of the Month for January 2008!
Penny from Ontario, Canada sent us this ghost picture recently.  Do you see a face in the window behind them?  Take a closer look...

"This picture was taken in 1963. It is of my dad, my older sister and my great-grandpa. Notice the face in the window behind my great-grandpa.. My mother was the one who took this shot and she said that there was no one else there. This picture still freaks her out today. We have no idea who this could be, but my grandmother thinks it could be a family member.  To me he looks like someone from the 1800's - notice the derby style hat."

1963 Ghost Picture - Face in the Window

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Close-up of the man with a derby or top hat behind great grandpa?  Could it have been his father?
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1963 Ghost Picture - close-up