Haunted Library Investigation

The following two videos feature an investigation into a haunted library of New Jersey known as the Old Bernardsville Library. The investigators seek to chase down the tales and stories of the library ghost (or ghosts) that haunt the building. The original building was built in 1710, with most of the structure being built later.

As haunted libraries go, this one allegedly is haunted by the ghost of Phyllis Parker, whose ghostly apparition has been seen by witnesses. She was an innkeeper's daughter who died in the latter 1700's, being seen by local police, library staff and patrons. The library was formerly an old house-turned-tavern. So, the building has lots of history dating back to the Revolutionary time era.

The library possibly finds its haunting due to a different circumstance than most haunted libraries, and that being its former use might have provided much more emotional trauma that somehow remained attached to the building prior to becoming a library.