Haunted Libraries of the Western United States

Haunted Libraries Western USHaunted Libraries of the Western United States are interesting to consider, in light of the Gold Rush, cowboys, Native Americans, and the eventual expansion to the Pacific. The past hundred and fifty plus years have brought much change, and unfortunately pain, during the growth of much of the Western United States. Haunted Libraries of the West have their stories to tell, as well.

California Haunted Libraries:
Madera County Library Chowchilla - tragedy struck a bowling alley on the same site, when fire raged from the kitchen, killing the cook.

Clayton Community Library - paranormal occurrances are commonplace here.

Ramona Convent Secondary School - old school in Alhambra has a nun who walks the library.

Brand Library - Glendale book depository is haunted by the city developer, who formerly resided in the mansion.

Central Union High - El Centro school with phantom chatter, walking, slamming doors and crying coming from its library.

Long Beach Public Library - a Victorian era apparition of a girl has been spotted here.

JFK Memorial Library - located on the campus of California State University in Los Angeles, this haunted library reportedly has strange activity on the third floor.

Cypress Park Library - L.A. Public Library branch has cold spots, whispers and spectres.

Sacramento Public Library - special collections room is haunting staff with strange sounds. A haunted object, perhaps?

Tomas Rivera Library - University of California in Riverside is said to have a feminine ghost, haunting the older parts of the campus library.

Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace - a green mist was seen hovering above the grave of the former President before his entombment. Located in Yorba Linda, California.

St. Thomas Aquinas High - San Bernardino school is haunted by a floating student in the library. His apparition appeared after he hung himself.

Pioneer Junior High - Upland school library has books and shelves moving on their own.

Colorado Haunted Libraries:
Denver Public Library - a spectre is felt and makes himself known by pushing people.

Montana Haunted Libraries:
Western Heritage Center - in Billings, this building was the former library that was known for ghostly footprints of children in the attic.

Parmly Billings Library - a dark-haired woman ghost resides in the basement, and a ghostly man in jeans and work boots has also been seen. Moving anomalies galore!

New Mexico Haunted Libraries:
Bernalillo County Library San Pedro Branch - in Albuquerque, this library has a phantom voice who speaks to patrons.

Oregon Haunted Libraries:
Multnomah County Library North Portland - security cameras have recorded several times a male apparition sitting in a room on the second floor.

Pendleton Center for the Arts - a former library that was at one time haunted by a past assistant librarian.

Utah Haunted Libraries:
Salt Lake City Public Library Chapman Branch - an apparition has been seen here, as well as a puppet flying off a window ledge all by itself.

Harold Lee Library - Provo's BYU has a moaning ghost heard in its music library - level 4.

Washington Haunted Libraries:
Snohomish Carnegie Building - when a library, a past library director could be seen and heard walking in the basement of this building.

Mabel Zoe Wilson Library - located on the Western Washington University campus in Bellingham, this haunted library is known for cold spots and the heebie jeebies!

Tacoma Public Library - a gray-haired woman has been spotted along with paranormal phenomena in the old part of the building.

Centennial Middle School - Spokane school reportedly is also the home of a legless, older woman who has been seen floating about the library by children. Yikes!

Mary Goodrich Library - a ghostly pair have been observed in the upper floor window in this Toppenish haunted library building.

Wyoming Haunted Libraries:
Rocky Mountain High - Byron school has haunting footsteps and eerie screams.

Burns High School - library walls are supposed to shake eerily.

Sweetwater County Library - located in Green River, this haunted library is known for strange sounds, lights turning on and off, and balls of light moving around the building.

Hot Springs County Library - Thermopolis institution has had reports of shadow ghosts, noises and the proverbial book tossing.