Haunted Libraries of the World

Haunted Libraries of the WorldHaunted Libraries exist around the World. Places of legend, haunted libraries are International and carry a mystique about them. Library ghosts seem to typically be former librarians, staff, founders, patrons, or somebody who tragically died in the same location that the haunted library building is occupying.

Below, we have collected a list of some haunted libraries broken down by country. Find a good one, nearby, and go explore it!

Canadian Haunted Libraries:
The Grange Estate - the Toronto house's library is haunted to a shadow ghost, and supposedly home to even more spirits.

McLennan Library - Montreal's Quebec McGill University is home to the ghost of a man who resides on the sixth floor. He's been seen.

Calling Lake School - Alberta Indian school is home to a shadow ghost.

University of BC Library - Vancouver's lady in a white dress haunts this building.

England's Haunted Libraries:
Holland House - library is haunted by Mr. Holland in Cropthorne, Worcester.

Felbrigg Hall - Norfolk estate has a haunted library by a bookworm who sits and reads.

Farnham Library - strong presence felt in the library of the Vernon House in Surrey.

Arundel Castle - Sussex haunting of the library by a male, blue ghost.

Bristol Central Library - haunted by a gray-robed monk who must still be studying theology!

Blackheath Library - London vicarage-turned-library is purportedly haunted by a former resident who grew up there.

British Library - a man from the 1700's was spotted here during its construction a decade ago. Located in London.

Combermere Abbey - a bearded man haunts the library of the abbey in Shropshire.

Gravesend Library - self-flushing toilet and footsteps in this library located in Kent, England.

Leeds Library - West Yorkshire man committed suiced in this library back in 1884. Now, he has been seen floating around the building!

Mannington Hall - a book examining ghost has been spotted in this Norfolk building's library. He appeared to be a large man, dressed in a religious-style robe.

Red Library - located in Wiltshire's Longleat House, this book depository is haunted by an older man in black.

Raby Castle Library - Durham is home to a ghost of a beheaded man. Only his torso has been seen, so who can tell who he might be?

Royal Library - the Windsor Castle in Berkshire is said to be haunted by famous royal, Charles the First, as well as Elizabeth the First.

York Central Library - religious book linked to an old haunting from 1954. Colds spots and an apparition were experienced there.

Australia's Haunted Libraries:
State Library of Victoria - known in Melbourne as having numerous ghosts, this haunted library is home to both a male and female ghost. All sorts of ghostly phenomena has been reported here.

Ireland's Haunted Libraries:
Marsh Library - the first public library in Ireland is haunted by its founder, an Archbishop.

Mexico's Haunted Libraries:
Morelia Public Library - a blue nun haunts the hall's of this Michoacan institution. She is known to follow staff.

Philippines Haunted Libraries:
College of Science Library - Quezon City's University of the Philippines also has its main library haunted on a reportedly spooky campus.

Scotland's Haunted Libraries:
Rammerscales House - located in Lockerbie, the library of this estate is still home to its former resident who has been haunting it since World War II or earlier.

Brodick Castle Library - North Ayrshire estate is known to have a ghost of an old man still living there.

South African Haunted Libraries:
Africana Library - located in Kimberley, this library is known for disembodied footsteps, perhaps from the first librarian who committed suicide within it. A man has been seen walking within.