Haunted Libraries of the Northeast US

Haunted Libraries of Northeast USHaunted Libraries of the Northeastern United States are places of legend, especially given that the history of the area goes back to Colonial times. Many of the ghosts that haunt libraries seem to possibly have ties to the Revolutionary era, and who can resist a good ghost story from early-Americana? Certainly not Walt Disney World which features the theme ride Haunted Mansion within the Northeast US, colonial-times inspired, Liberty Square. Below is a listing of Haunted Libraries from Pennsylvania to the States of New England.

Connecticut Haunted Libraries:
Bridgeport Public Library - the ghost of Lola is said to haunt the 6th or 7th floors.

Cyrenius H. Booth Library - located in Newtown, this haunted library is the supposed haunt of Mary Elizabeth Hawley who gifted it.

Deep River Public Library - Deep River, CT.
1881 home became library in 1933.

District of Columbia Haunted Libraries:
The Library of Congress - once housed in the rotunda and home to a male librarian ghost.

Maine Haunted Libraries:
William Fogg Library - located in Eliot. A skull was photographed above a staircase.

Maryland Haunted Libraries:
Cecil County Library - 1830 building was a former library that is now haunted by a former Mayor. it is now occupied by the historical society.

Hayden House Library - Ellicott City library now housed in this building that formerly had ghost activity. Smells of breakfast from a now non-existent kitchen was reported.

Massachusetts Haunted Libraries:
Boston Athenaeum Library - old, private library founded in 1807 was made famous for ghosts when Nathaniel Hawthorne penned a short story about seeing the apparition of Thaddeus Mason Harris in the library!

Clapp Memorial Library - Belchertown book depository is possibly haunted by librarian Lydia Barton, according to the janitor.

East Boston Public Library - ghostly movements and disembodied voices are overheard by patrons inside the old library branch.

Millicent Library - Fairhaven library founder's daughter is reputed to haunt the halls in a blue, glowing light. The library is named after her.

Hull Public Library - a British soldier is buried on the grounds and haunts the library of Hull along with the first owner.

New Bedford Public Library - an older woman and a tall man are said to haunt the lower and upper levels.

Madeleine Clark Wallace Library - Norton's Wheaton College is home to a former librarian haunting its library.

Oxford Public Library - would you believe organ music is heard at night, and books fall from shelves?

Peabody Institute Library - old man haunts the reading room of this 1892 Danvers library, and "shooshes" patrons.

New Hampshire Haunted Libraries:
Meredith Public Library - Many believe the first librarian still haunts the library, with books being re-shelved and the projector screen lowering on its own.

New Jersey Haunted Libraries:
Old Bernardsville Library - haunted by Phyllis who now has her own library card. Apparitions have been seen in this building, which was formerly an Inn and Tavern during Revolutionary times.

Guggenheim Memorial Library - West Long Branch's Monmouth University houses its haunted library in the former estate summer home of Murry Guggenheim. A lady dressed in white has been seen on the staircase at night.

Raritan Public Library - located in the former house of General John Frelinghuysen, this library hosts ghosts who turn on lights and move books. An older woman has also been spotted in the garden and a window.

New York Haunted Libraries:
Elting Memorial Library - New Paltz library had an anomaly show up on its security camera video.

Kirkland Town Library - located in Clinton, this library has been known for whispers and footsteps from phantoms.

Louis Jefferson Long Library - Wells College in Aurora has a third floor presence.

Rush Rhees Library - University of Rochester's haunted library features a ghost dressed in a sweater.

Astor Library - now The Public Theater in New York City, this former library is haunted by a wealthy insurance man.

Sunnyside Home - Tarrytown New York is home to the residence of famous author Washington Irving, whose ghost has been seen walking through its parlor and into the library.

Pennsylvania's Haunted Libraries:
Dormant Public Library - Alice haunts by disappearing books and ghostly laughter.

Easton Public Library - located on the cemetery of 513 who died of yellow-fever.

Gabriele Library - Immaculata College has ghosts in its library after an archaelogical dig nearby.

Gettysburg Borough Office Building - Adams County Library was formerly housed here and is believed to be haunted by a Civil War ghosts named Gus.

Linderman Library - ghost of a pesky former patron is a now a pest to patrons and staff. This haunted library is located in Bethlehem's Lehigh University.

James Houldin House - a former library in Cheltenham, this house still smelled like someone was still coooking in it, though the kitchen had been long gone.

Milton Public Library - library is known for cold spots and ghostly footsteps from a former librarian, perhaps.

Library Hall - Philadelphia site is reportedly the built on the former site where a famous ghost, Ben Franklin, was seen carrying books.

Civil War Library - located in Philadelphia, there appears to be a ghost that likes cigars, for they can be smelled along with an eerie presence and the sounds of footsteps.

Phoenixville Library - a 1902 building is believed to be haunted by three ghosts. One of the ghosts is said to be of a lady up in the attic dressed in period attire.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania - home to thousands of books, this library is also known to have an unseen typosts, as well as other spectral noises.

Bayne Library - located in Pittsburgh, this haunted library has shadows moving within it, electrical items that turn on and off, and a woman in Victoriam period clothing has been seen.

Blough-Weis Library - a presence has been felt and an apparition has been seen in this Selinsgrove institution.

Riegelsville Public Library - two ghosts are believed to haunt this library: a young girl and another presence...

Pattee Library - Pennsylvania State University in University Park is home to a library with strange screams, spectres of girls perusing books, and other strange ghostly activity. The University's Pollock Library is also reportedly haunted by a male voice that has been heard within it.

Vermont's Haunted Libraries:
Chaplin Hall Library - Northfield's Norwich University hall that formerly housed books, and a male ghost has been seen in it knocking them off shelves and messing with lights.