Haunted Libraries of the Midwest United States

Haunted Libraries of Midwest USHaunted Libraries of the Midwestern United States are legendary, as well, for the heartland is no stranger to ghosts . It seems similarly, that former librarians, patrons, and ghosts created through various tragedies haunt the halls of Midwest book depositories. Find a haunted library to visit near you!

Illinois Haunted Libraries:
Peoria Public Library - Three tragic deaths of former library directors and ghostly activity.

Safford Memorial Library - Located in Cairo, Toby the ghost haunts the second floor.

Reid Memorial Library - Godfrey's Lewis & Clark Community College has a former director haunting its library.

Gorin Hall - Millikin University in Decatur has a haunted hall that was formerly the library where a maintenance worker died.

Williams Hall - Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois has a presence and cold spots in its former library.

Washington High School - Peru's high school library was unfortunate to have had a librarian commit a murder-suicide in 1956. Screams are said to still be heard there.

Indiana Haunted Libraries:
Carnegie Public Library - Poseyville's haunted library has feelings of someone watching over staff, and a ghost has been spotted inside.

Willard Library - Evansville is home to one of the most famous haunted libraries in the U.S., which claims to be haunted by the Grey Lady. They even provide Internet users webcams!

Bass Mansion - a library until 2006, this Fort Wayne building claims cold spots and ghost sightings, at the University of Saint Francis.

Jefferson County Library - located in Madison, female elevator riders find they are not alone.

Roy West Library - Depauw University in Greencastle is home to the ghost of a former governor.

North Webster Elementary School - a young boy in a sweater checks out library books.

Iowa Haunted Libraries:
Cedar Rapids Museum - formerly a library, an apparition of a patron was seen visiting.

Ericson Public Library - located in Boone, ghostly sounds of books are witnessed here.

Union Pacific Railroad Museum - formerly a Carnegie library, the basement has had ghost sightings of shadow people.

Brucemore Mansion - Cedar Rapids home is reputed to have strange noises and groans coming from the library. Objects have been witnessed moving, as well.

Kansas Haunted Libraries:
Soule Intermediate Center - Dodge City former school had a library haunted by a student.

Hutchison Public Library - former librarian has been seen in this haunted library.

Michigan Haunted Libraries:
Belding Memorial Library - has a children's room where a disembodied girl laughs.

Skillman Branch Library - Detroit library branch is located on a former jailhouse site where numerous executions had taken place. Could this account for the ghostly noises?

Berwyn Senior Center - a former Dearborn Heights elementary school has spooky noises.

Hackley Public Library - Muskegon lumber baron Charles Hackley is said to haunt it.

Ladies Library - located in an 1858 home in Ypsilanti, this library operated until 1964 and is believed to be home to the ghost of the one who donated it, Maryanne Starkweather.

Minnesota Haunted Libraries:
Miller Learning Resources Center - an apparition of a soldier has been seen wandering this library located at St. Cloud State University.

Missouri Haunted Libraries:
Mountain View Center Library - Southwest Baptist University library is haunted, possibly from when it was formerly a lumber warehouse.

Ross Memorial Library - Nevada's Cottey College is supposedly home to the ghost of an old man, coupled with mischievous activity by unseen spectres.

Butler Library - St. Charles' Lindenwood University has a library haunted by its former co-founder, Mary Easton Sibley.

St. Joseph Public Library - haunted by footsteps that could be from a former librarian who has been nicknamed Rose, many haunting noises have been heard by staff and patrons.

Thomas Jefferson Library - located on the campus of the University of Missouri in St. Louis, this library's former director had a rude welcoming when he heard a ghost voice speak to him on his first day on the job.

Nebraska Haunted Libraries:
Bellwood Elementary - school library has had a severely burned woman in ghostly form spotted in the window.

Bellevue Public Library - the ghost of a girl and haunting spectre of an old man are here.

Westfall Elementary - located in Malcolm, it is believed the spirit of the school's founder haunts the school library.

North Dakota Haunted Libraries:
Harvey Public Library - built upon the spot where a murder took place in the home of Sophie who was killed by her husband, odd ghost activity is said to take place.

Liberty Memorial Building - Bismarck's North Dakota State Library offices are in the basement of the former historical society's archive. Various ghost activity takes place.

Ohio Haunted Libraries:
Samuel Moore House - a stop on the Underground Railroad in Circleville, ghosts of slaves are said to still haunt what would later become a former library location.

Ashtabula County Library - the second floor was reportedly haunted for a time by a past librarian, Ethel McDowell.

William Doan Library - Granville is known for its hauntings, and Denison University is home to a shadow woman who resides in the upper floor of its library.

Building 120 - formerly the VA Patient Library, a ghostly woman has been observed standing at the upper windows. Located in Dayton at the VA Medical Center.

Old Stouffer House - Hinckley residence-turned-library has had a list of haunting activity, as the former library was built upon the site of an old cabin.

Kent Free Library - former librarian and nurse, Nellie, is said to haunt this library.

Briggs Lawrence County Public Library - odd phenomena has been reported by staff of this Ironton institution.

Steubenville & Jefferson County Library - after librarian Ellen Wilson died two years after the library opened, reports of sounds and other strange activity began surfacing.

Paulding County Library - a hovering figure was spotted by the cleaning crew in the 1980's.

West Toledo Branch Library - a male ghost and noises have been witnessed here.

Oklahoma Haunted Libraries:
Inola Public Library - moving and falling books head the reports of ghosts in this building.

Broken Bow Library - a former high school was located here before the library itself. People can be heard, but not seen arguing in the building.

Waurika Public Library - railroad depot-turned library revealed an apparition in photo.

Wisconsin Haunted Libraries:
Cornell Public Library - basement restrooms are infiltrated with a heavy presence.

Washington County Library - located on the University of Wisconsin's campus in West Bend, lights are reported to switch on by themselves, amid other ghost activity.

Memorial Library - Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin. The library on campus is haunted by professor-turned-ghost, Helen Constance White, who has been seen wandering the book shelves. She is also reportedly known for whispering.