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By LC Duplatt
The haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse is located  in Florence, Oregon and overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  Built in 1894, it took five years to build due to its steep location, standing 205 feet above the water. 

This haunted lighthouse is known to be haunted by a friendly elderly lady who appears as a smoky-gray apparition, her name is "Rue."  This "Gray Lady" has a habit of moving objects when work is being done - especially at the keeper's house. 

The grave of a baby has been found on the haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse grounds, and is believed to possibly be Rue's child.  Rue has not only been known to move items, but to also set off fire alarms while workers paint, opens and closes cupboard doors, and she has been heard walking upstairs! 
A worker who once encountered the Gray Lady, refused to return to the attic again.  After he accidentally broke an attic window while doing work on the outside of the house, he elected to repair it from the outside.  That night, workers could hear the glass that he left lying on the attic floor scraping upon the wooden boards.  Upon checking the attic the next morning, they found the glass was neatly swept up into a pile for them!

Many have seen Rue peering down at them from an attic window, which only substantiates the claims of the Gray Lady still living within the haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse.  Today, the Heceta Head Lighthouse keeper's house is a bed and breakfast.  We imagine that Rue is very pleased to have her home so well kept...

of the Heceta
keeper's house.

Photos by the Oregon Park

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