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From Our 2011 Angel Pictures...

Are these pictures evidence of angels and spirits watching over young Ava?

"My daughter, Ava Gioe, just turned 5, and one year ago she was given 9 months to live. She is battling brain cancer and has astonished the doctors several times in the last year. These two pictures, I believe, have some sort of angelic presence."

This angel picture is interesting - we wonder about light from the window, though:
Ava's Angel or Spirit?

Another interesting photo of Ava - look around her head:
Ava's Angel Picture

Close-up of the light anomalies around Ava:
Close-up of angelic light balls...anomalies.

"I pray for God to send his angels to protect her everyday.  It's weird because this was taken recently, and I never noticed it. After that, I saw (on the Internet) the photo of the angel that appeared in the hospital, and I rememebrer saying, 'Lord I wish you would allow me to see Ava's angel so we know that they are protecting her.' Then, he showed it to me (in the first photo)! Ive tried to figure out for hours if there is a way this could have happened. The second (angel) picture was taken in October (2011). It was Ava's birthday party, and my friend took the picture and posted it on facebook. Everyone wanted to know what those lights around Ava's face were; we concluded they were angels' kisses."

Ava is a special girl, and these photos have inspired her family and friends. Looking at the first angel picture, if light through the window did not cause the effect (we can't help but think that lens flare is possible if sunlight had shone into the camera lens - we are not sure), then we do not have an explanation. Similarly, we cannot figure out what could have caused the tiny balls of light around Ava.

Are these pictures possible proof of unseen entities with their daughter? You decide...

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