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Real Story of Ghost Activity in a Home                                                from Laura F.
My mom's home was haunted by the ghost of a woman who died there while my mother was
taking care of her (assisted living).  For years after she died, she would bang on the doors
and walls at night.  I sat down and "had a little talk" with her back in 2000.  I told her she had
died, that her mother had also died, and if she wanted to, she could go join her mother.  I may
have been talking to the wall, but the banging stopped.
That spirit is the only one I've ever had a
personal experience with and it was a doozy.  
While alive, she was living with her mother; and
my mom was taking care of both of them. They
had shared a bedroom, and her mother
continued to live for a few more years after she
Ghost Activity
Her bed remained empty in her mother's room all that time.  After the mother died, my mom
moved the single beds out and converted the room into a guest room.  I visited one weekend
and arrived while my mom was staying overnight with her sister.  Without thinking about it, I
bedded down in the guest room, and that's when the "fun" began.

As soon as I climbed into bed, there was a loud
BANG! BANG! BANG! on the bedroom door.
Of course, when I jumped up to investigate, there was absolutely nothing.  It was pretty late at
night, and I even checked outside all around the house -- nothing; the neighborhood was
peaceful.  Then, freaked out but determined to get some rest, I got back into bed, at which
point there was a tug of war over the covers.  I literally had to wrap both hands into the covers
and pull back to keep them on me.  "She" finally let go.  

It wasn't until telling my mom about what happened the next day that I realized it must have
been Louise.  I mean, I got into the only bed in her bedroom, without even saying please or
thank you.  She must have been going to bed every night for years after she died, in her own
bed in the room she had shared with her mother. Guess even ghosts like their routines.
Mom reported that she continued to bang on
walls and doors at night for several years after
that.  Mom wasn't disturbed by the ghostly
activity, but I didn't like the idea that Louise
might have gotten trapped in the house, and
that's why I talked to her.  She was a bit of a
firebrand in life; her mom was one of the
gentlest people I've ever met. That's why I just
automatically assumed the spirit was Louise
and not her mother Ethel, even though the
activity started after Ethel's passing.  I don't think
I would have had the courage to talk to her if I
hadn't been sure that I knew who it was.
Shakespeare had it right: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are
dreamt of in your philosophy."
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Ghost Activity Story