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Six years ago, my family (my father, mother, and older sister & brother) and I moved into a very old house. At first, it was a nice comfortable home. We were very happy living in it. One day, my brother was sleeping in his bedroom and was awakened by loud footsteps coming down the hall and into his room. He then watched the side of his bed sink down as if someone had sat down beside him. Another time, he was on the computer in the hallway when he noticed a strange, cloud-like thing pass by him, go down the stairs, then come back up and move down the hallway.

On another occasion, my aunt and I were sitting in the living room on the couch. It was almost Christmas, so we had a ton of decorations set out. In the corner, there was a wooden elf that holds a little tray with a candle on it. We both looked over to witness the candle completely lift into the air, flip over, and land loudly on the ground. We then looked at each other in complete disbelief from what we had just witnessed.

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About two years ago, we had two pet birds. One of them broke his beak after flying into our dining room table. He was in too much pain to eat, and unfortunately he passed away.

A few weeks later, my friends and I were watching TV, and I noticed that there was a strange white bird inside our bird cage. Suddenly, it spread its wings and disappeared as it flew off. I looked at my friend to notice that she had also seen the same thing.

I also remember another incident where I was walking out of the bathroom, and after I shut off the light, I turned around to see a little girl sitting on the floor staring at me.

Three years ago, our 13 year old dog got cancer and passed away. A few days later, my mom was asleep on the couch and she heard the dog scratching and whining at the door. She got up quickly to let her outside, only to realize that the dog had been dead for several days.

The dog favored my sister. She would always sleep on the end of my sister's bed. One day while I was home alone, I heard something jump off of my sister's bed and walk down the stairs. I have also seen a little brown figure moving across the living room a few times.


My Ghost Stories
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About a year after our dog died, we got another one. She will not set foot in my sister's room. If she somehow ends up in there, she will run away as fast as she can. She also barks and growls at a certain spot under my father's computer desk where our old dog used to sleep.

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