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A true ghost plane story from Mike L.

Phantom Plane!



      It was a beautiful, early summer afternoon in western Ohio.  I was driving my car and turned onto an entrance ramp of a four-lane, divided highway.  Heading south, I looked to my left and saw a large airplane sitting still in the northbound lanes of the roadway.

      The plane had two propeller engines, was entirely white in color and had an orange stripe running the length of the aircraft.  I have heard of airplanes making an emergency landing upon roads many times before, so I thought this was simply one of those situations.

      I stopped the car and watched and waited for the local police to arrive.  Several minutes passed, and still there was no activity in or around the plane.  The police did not arrive as I had expected.

It was even more odd that there was absolutely no other vehicles driving upon a highway that is normally a very busy stretch of road.  I continued to watch and took note of the details of the aircraft.

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      Later that day, I searched the Internet to find a photo of the plane.  I found a picture of an airplane with the same paint job and nearly fainted.  It was a Douglas DC-3 built in the 1930's-40's.  They were used for passengers and cargo, and the military also used them.  Thousands of these planes were built. The wingspan is 95 feet and the length is 64 feet. These planes revolutionized air travel, because of their ability to fly coast to coast non-stop.

      I knew it was old, but I was not sure how old.  Oh how I wish I had a camera that day.

      I decided to continue-on to my destination about one mile further down the road.  After I finished my business, I drove north toward where I had seen the phantom plane and expected the police to be there to direct traffic away from the blocked highway.  The airplane was not there!  How could this be possible?  It was there only 15 minutes ago! 

      I was now freaking out, wondering what the heck just happened.  The plane could not have taken off because of the overpass bridge directly in front of it. If it had, then why would the pilot have needed to make such an emergency landing?  Nothing made sense to me.

      Could this have been some sort of time warp?  Can anyone offer an explanation of what I had witnessed? 

      Today, I still wonder why and how this happened and will never forget it.


Phantom Plane
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