Whaley House Ghost Experience

An odd experience with a ghost at the haunted Whaley House in San Diego describes what it may feel like to have a ghost pass through you!

from Kathryn Johnson

This is my experience at the Whaley House in San Diego.

My daughter and I were taking the very last ghost trolley tour of the evening, so I suppose it was close to midnight. We had visited the downtown area, cemetery, etc. (of Old Town) and the last stop was the Whaley House. Just for your information, this type of thing (ghosts and haunting) doesn't get me nervous. I love it and was looking with great anticipation to visiting the Whaley House at night.

I had stayed on the porch to wait for others to enter as I had been in the house previously on different trip. So I was the last one to go inside that night. As I stepped over the threshold to enter, I felt something; I am uncertain as to what it was. I felt as if something unseen had hit me, knocked me back a bit. I got really dizzy and nauseated and had to sit on the front steps a bit. Eventually, it passed.

At the risk of sounding like I know what it was, it felt like an experience that people describe when they feel as if something passed through them. I don't know (if a ghost passed through me); but, it was definitely an experience of some sort.

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