Vastness and Connection

vastness-starsIf you haven’t had the chance to watch the new Cosmos (Sunday evenings on Fox, 9 PM EST), you are missing a real treat. The show is incredibly well done, and even though it is scientific in nature, it attempts not to trample to harshly on religious beliefs – though it may challenge them, at times, when sharing about the Big Bang or evolution.

But, that shouldn’t shake those who are of faith because, after all, who can know what lies behind the veil that masks the unseen? Who’s to say that something greater didn’t use a “big bang” as part of the plan? To me, when I take a step back and take a hard look at the known Universe, I cannot help but be inspired and awed by its sheer vastness, something so large and grand that I struggle to wrap my head about who I am in all all of “this.” I suspect that my mind cannot comprehend how big everything truly is. And if I am given the opportunity to see beyond this world, one day, will I be able to ever fully digest its greatness and diversity? Probably not. Mind pop!

When we consider how things have spread out and progressed, we must not be blind to how connected we are to everything. This idea, to me, points to something very grand going on within everything that exists. It is in power (controlled chaos, if you will) and ever moving. More on this idea, here: Our Connection to Everything.

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Native Americans: Destruction of Their Culture

1913-native-americansI recently added an essay written by Becky Duplain about the struggles of Native Americans and how their culture was wrongly destroyed by English settlers in the Americas. This writing is placed in our spiritual writings section of our website because it is a story that needs to be told.

Today, Native Americans are still oppressed, still suffering from the wrongs that were done to this spiritual people. Please read the Destruction of the Native American Culture and share this article on social media. It needs told.

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Mesmerized by the Hotel Del Coronado

hotel-del-coronado-212I had the luxury afforded me of being asked to travel to San Diego on business. My travel and room at the Hotel Del was paid for; so all I had to do was show up. And I did. After all, I had learned of this hotel’s spooky, Victorian past many years ago and thought it would be great to check it out and see if I could find some of my own ghost stories about the place. (See More Haunting at Hotel Del.)

During my few days out west, I also made a trip up from the Del to see the Whaley House haunting and really enjoyed the staff and site. Their personal stories convinced me that there is something to the tales of restless spirits that seem to make this place their haunt. I would love to pay another visit for an investigation at night if I get another chance to do so. Tip to the Reader: There are some excellent , authentic Mexican restaurants just across the street — do not miss out on this if there!

My last day at the Hotel Del Coronado, I found myself exploring its labyrinth of halls and looking into picturesque rooms and the mesmerizing architecture. It truly is a one of a kind place that reminds me of DisneyLand (or Disney World). The old hotel is just so unique and has so much personality, I could envision coming back with my family and having a great time at this resort. Every corner seemed to have a story about it, history, and that makes it really special. No wonder Disney copied it and remade it in Florida.

The more I killed time by walking the grounds, I began noticing innumerable, breathtaking views that are meant to be discovered while looking at the reds and whites of the building, the dark blue of the ocean, the green and tans of the palm trees, the bounty of floral colors in the landscaping, all set against an azure sky. Fantastic and mood altering.

The hotel staff were wonderful and seemed to enjoy their roles as if they were cast members (Disney reference again, sorry). If you take the time to talk with them, they willingly share history and tidbits of haunting that makes your stay seem memorable.

I wasn’t the only one to have had a ghostly time while there. Numerous times I overheard guests talking about their “weird” encounters or retelling (usually incorrectly) the tragedy of resident ghost, Kate Morgan. How funny.

If you get the chance to visit Coronado Island’s premier, paranormal hot spot, make sure you head west. Head west and do it.

Newly Added Photos and Stories

ndes-obes-042014zSince our new site launch, Angels & Ghosts has been adding content, some of which has been sitting in queue for several years.

We have a lot planned for 2014 with regard to site improvements, a new store, and a possible book project you can help us out with, hopefully.

Next week, I’ll be heading to San Diego to explore the haunted Del Coronado Hotel and the infamous Whaley House. My hope is that I may bring you back some stories about these famous haunts that I can share with you. Stay tuned.

The following pages were newly added in the past few days, alone:
Virgin Mary in Clouds
Mysterious Head Photo
Motorcycle Crash Ghost Pic
Peaches Geldof Ghost Hand
Our Friendly Ghost
Toddler Teenager Out of Body Experiences
Death Dreams Near Death Experience
Blue Bell Hill Ghost Sighting

Do Ghosts Haunt Washington D.C. Sites?

When we think of ghosts and haunting, especially, where a disembodied person might want to perpetually visit, attractions come to mind. If you were a ghost, would you want to visit places you haven’t seen before? Perhaps. What about retracing steps to other earthly sites that hold fond memories? It would seem the possibilities could be endless, a real “ghosts on vacation” type of scenario. You could visit tourist sites, amusement parks, even the universe, maybe. I certainly might give that a go, for sure. And, think about this: you could visit the busy, tourist traps undetected and for free!

This month, we posted a particularly interesting ghost photo taken at the Lincoln Memorial (Lincoln Memorial Ghost). This ghost traveler did not go undetected. A  gray-ish man, wearing a hat or helmet, walked among visitors. Only the camera’s eye saw him, and now we can show him to you.

Whoever he is, I cannot help but wonder why he would be there.  Was he on vacation? Did the Washington D.C. ghost travel there with family or friends?  Or, does he continually hang around Lincoln’s seated statue, ever guarding it from vandals? One can only imagine the reasons why…

- Louis

Our New Website Is Live – Yay!

After many months and working on content clean-up since July of 2013, I am very pleased to announce that our new website has made it up on the Internet. Check out the new Angels & Ghosts site and let me know what you think!

We have plenty of content to be adding to the site now that we are good to go. I think you’ll love the new design and logo as well as the website’s ability to work on any type of device that accesses the Internet: tablets, smartphones, iPods, desktops, laptops – well, you get the idea.

I also wanted to point you to a new video called “Selfie Ghost” that is very flabbergasting. We do not know what caused the “ghost”to appear at the end of the clip, but you should know that Mary’s hand on the phone would not allow for her fingers to get in the way of filming. So what reaches forth toward her in the background, right side? Take a look and see if you can figure it out – we can’t.

- Louis

Meditating to Reach Spirits

All of us have heard of meditation and how it can help us to find peace or “level set” by quieting the mind. But over the years, for me, meditation has helped bridge the gap between 2 worlds – one of which, I feel, coexists with us.

I’d became aware of this other world, let’s call it “Spirit,” quite by accident. It took my by surprise, out of the blue, one year, dramatically touching my life for about a week. At that time, I believed that a spirit world existed but, to me, that place seemed far, far away. I was heavily involved in a religion and was deep into my religious books and teachings. So, imagine what it must have been like for me when, one day, a strong, unseen presence was suddenly with me in my home. I could feel this presence. Was it a person? People? At that time, I had no idea – I only recognized that it was real, tangible and had a voice.

To make a long story short, this voice was something I had connected with and learned from; and I would continue to reconnect with the voice of Spirit over many years. Sometimes, these connections were daily if I wanted them to be; other times, the connection might seem lost for a period of time. It was meditation, though, that could always be used to bring me back to those who are with me in Spirit.

To learn more about reaching spirits who are with you, even now, may I suggest reading the article, Meditation to Talk to Spirits. I think that becoming aware of something greater is the first step. And I also think that connecting brings many blessings to the person who is aware.  - Louis


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2014 Is Here! Angels & Ghosts News…

Like every year, 2014 is no different: Annually, we like to look at psychic predictions and upcoming ghost conventions – exciting stuff!

2014 Psychic Foresight?
Scouring the Internet for stabs at what lies ahead, we have gathered together a list of predictions to watch out for – will they come to pass? Hmm…read our 2014 psychic predictions and check back in 2015 to see what happened (or didn’t happen).

Ghost Conventions
We have compiled a nice list of upcoming conferences and conventions – “ghost talks” – you can attend. See if there is one near you and commit to attend! 2014 Ghost Conferences

Haunted Explorations
This year, we have plans to visit San Diego, Savannah and a slew of towns in the Outer Banks as we chase down tales of haunting and ghosts. We promise to report back with the stories and recommendations of where to visit when we return from our trek!

New Website!
Last, but not least, our brand new website is coming along nicely, but slowly. (Dang – wished it could be live, now!) We will have a new logo, new look and a site that will work nicely on smartphones and tablets, completely mobile-friendly! Some of the new features will be a “lazy load” of our picture and video sections, photo and video galleries and very well-organized. After we get it live (this Spring?), we promise to have some surprises for our visitors!

Unseen Family Are With Us in Spirit

Spirits With Us Always

Loved Ones Are With You – Change Your Beliefs
During the holidays, many people become saddened by memories of family and friends who have passed before them. It can be a very somber time if we lock our minds into the idea of loss, grief and separation from people we love.

At Angels & Ghosts, we encourage readers that our loved ones are indeed with us. Just because you do not see them or hear them does not mean that death has to be an impenetrable wall, separating us from those whom we cherish. Instead, this time of year, begin by changing your thinking – believe that family and friends are with us in spirit. Imagine them taking part in the festivities and not missing out on the events in our lives.

We could talk at length about scriptures in the Bible, even words that Jesus had purportedly uttered, that reveal that people are not dead when their bodies expire; that humanity is much bigger than meets the eye. In fact, Jesus, we read, refused to call anyone “dead” who had physically passed. He said they were “sleeping.” And if we look into the epistles, this scripture is very encouraging:

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.” – Hebrews 12:1

And that verse mirrors what we have found in the evidence we have been collecting for 10 years: All of us are surrounded by people in spirit! We become more and more convinced of this each year, remaining awed by the different ways spirits make their presence known to us.

All Family Are With Us During the Holidays!

Nicolas McCabe Makes His Presence Known to Family
Nic McCabe died in a tornado that destroyed an elementary school in Oklahoma. Because his family was suffering the loss of their son, we believe Nic has been remaining with them to watch over their lives and bring comfort – he’s worried about them. (And, who wouldn’t worry about loved ones who are grieving?) Unwittingly, his essence was photographed, proving to family, who had suspected he was there by their sides, that he was indeed HERE – not some place far away; but he is with them here, now. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the photo “Family Spirits With Us.”

To some religious institutions, that may seem impossible. But remember that it is possible that some religious beliefs are incorrect – especially those that are based upon fear and separation. (And some religious ideas are flat out wrong. They have to be; otherwise, there wouldn’t be differing beliefs. I mean someone has got to be wrong!)

We have found that there is no separation except for the person who chooses to believe in it. But, deny the idea of all of humanity being separate, and your view of the world will begin to change.

Happy Holidays,


Moving Shadowed Form – Hot Off the Press!

Often, we receive shadow ghost photos, but few of them demonstrate movement and interaction with the living. To be sure, Laura Lyn had no idea that she had recorded the spirit person in several photos, but she was aware of activity in the room (she’s intuitive). Take a look at these photos from her: Rogue’s Hollow Shadow Ghost Photos