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A True Story About Helping the Souls of Ghosts                       by Kathy Owen
My friend John lives in a very old house in which is a piece of history. The house has been
fully restored and is absolutely beautiful on the inside and out! John has some visitors that
just won't leave him alone, ghosts. The floors creek day and night; doors opening and closing
by themselves. You just know this place is haunted. But we love it! John has this one spirit
with him, her name is Mariam. She clings to him constantly when he's home. From what I
perceive about her, she is actually buried under the house; her grave is right under John's
bedroom. Now, she sticks with him like glue. John has become used to her and lets her do
her thing.
I feel that somehow Mariam knew John in a
previous life. From what investigator Margaret
psychicly detects, her deceased husband looks
exactly like John; therefore, she has attached
herself to him. He's not in anyway possessed;
she just follows him around.
(This soul would be
as an "attachment" in the world of ghost

When we investigated John's home about a year
ago, I sensed a trail, meaning a wagon trail with
horses and wagons, used to go through his
property. I came to find out that this trail is up on
the road where you drive in. There are many old, abandoned gold mines near John's place.
So in the day, the activity must have been enormous with settlers looking for gold and the
workers who worked the mines. During our investigation, Margaret, Daniel and myself all
walked up to the road, because we all felt a strong energy coming from it.  Sure enough, as
we stood there, we could feel energy ripple through our bodies. Our hair was standing on end
with goose pimples to the point of sweat running down our heads and necks. At the end of the
road, as we stood there, we could all see a dark figure standing and looking at us. I tried to
coax the spirit closer to us, but he refused to move. The first thing I sensed from this man was
that he thought we were all into witchcraft and was afraid to approach us.

Our main focus that night, however, was this very old house right next door to John's. It was
built back in the 1800s and was now abandoned. You could walk inside and walk around, but
we wouldn't dare as pieces of the floor were missing; we could have fallen through. The
reason this house was our main focus was because John and his real estate agent friend
(who happens to also be his live-in girlfriend) went over there and took wood from this old
house. They tore out the floor boards and brought them over to his house where they are now
refinished and placed in his walkway and hallway to his house. John and his girlfriend even
took old lights and lanterns from there and brought them over to his house. The spirit that still
remains in that old house was upset with John and Marsha, wanting he house pieces back.
(Sometimes, ghosts can attach to places or things, being protective of them. This is another
type of "attachment.")
I mean he's angry. Danny, Margaret, and I all picked up on this spirit's
temperament. The funny thing about it is that Mariam, the spirit that clings to John, knows this.
If John even thinks about going over to this house again, he can feel something tugging on his
neck or shirt in an attempt to make him stop. We think it's cool that he has this relationship
with a ghost and one with a living lady; I call him a two timer!
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We decided that all three of us would walk over
to the old house; it was time to send this old man
into the light. He put up a good fight! Both Danny
and I heard him say, "Get off my property!" and
"Get out!" I had to let this guy know that he was
dead and not of this world anymore, and by
staying in this old broken down house, he was
only imprisoning himself. How could he enjoy this
world being earthbound, mentally trapped within
darkness? I told him this. I then asked him about
how he would feel if he was sent to the light.
Right out, his answer was "no" because of his
beliefs in Christian faith. I had to let him know that
what he was taught all these years was nothing but a lie; God's love was unconditional, and in the light he would find
not only his wife but all his family members waiting for his return. I swear, this freaked me out! All three of us heard the
word "brother," sensing his brother came out from the light and took him home. I also asked for divine intervention to
keep the door open so that all the lost souls could also have the chance to go home. It's as if the trail of souls from
years past was also being guided into the open door of light. After all this was said and done, we could not believe
the energy that consumed us. It was an energy that was so positively charged, that we couldn't wipe the smiles off our
faces! Even Mariam stopped tugging and clinging to John. He wanted to test her by walking with me around the old
house to see if he could feel her clinging to tug! You could still feel her presence with us, though. It was like
having a tingling feeling on your arm when she was near; we could feel her energy.

During our work with helping the old man cross to the light, John stood back in the distance over by the cars which
were about 30 feet away from us and the old house. He claimed that while we were talking to the soul of the old man
and calling for the door of light to be opened, John witnessed something that he had never seen before: bright
colorful orbs swirled above the house on top the roof while this was all taking place. John is sort of a skeptic. He
does believe in ghosts, but he has to have darn good evidence in order to believe. So for him to say this about the
orbs was even more confirmation as to the events that took place.

I did take many pictures of the old house and got some real unusual results. Did I take the
ghost box or an evp
recorder that night to help us communicate with ghosts? No. This was solely a spirit rescue, and I felt no need for it.
Taking pictures around the area and around John's house only confirmed to us that his house was spirit free, except
for Mariam who wished to remain.
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