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Happy New Year! Ghosts & More Ghosts…

Ghostly mist…

January 2012

Is 2012 really here? With all the Mayan prophecy stuff, we feel this year is shaping up to be fantastic and without any doom or gloom!

To kick things off, we want to share our list of this year’s ghost conferences as well as a compilation of interesting 2012 psychic predictions. We also have some intriguing ghost articles, compelling EVPs of child voices, and phenomenal ghost photographs to share!

2012 Ghost Conferences

Meet & Talk Ghosts!

Each year, there are dozens of ghost conferences to attend across the globe. We have compiled some of the better ones for your quick disposal, here: Ghost Conferences!

2012 Psychic Predictions!

2012 Psychic Predictions…

Whoa! What does 2012 hold in store for the world? We found and listed some pretty interesting psychic predictions for the new year. What will happen around the globe? Who will be President? Any shocking news coming from Hollywood? What about the economy? Some of the prognostications may amaze you. Visit: Psychic Predictions for 2012!

Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

American Indians & Ghosts…

Do Native American beliefs allow for ghosts and spirits?

You may be surprised as you read some quotes we sourced from famous, wise American Indian leaders: chiefs, medicine men and poets. We found ideas about the spirit realm, spirit visitation and more.

Learn about these spiritual people at Native Americans: Ghosts & Spirits

Villisca Ax Murder House Ghosts…

Two of the 6 children…

Ever wonder if children can be ghosts? The Villisca Ax Murder House is possibly still haunted by the ghosts of victims from almost 100 years ago. Six children lost their lives, then, and we may have the recordings of their voices. Who will help them?

Read about and listen to the

Villisca Ax Murder House: Child Voices

New Ghost Pictures Added!

Birdcage Theatre Ghost?

Ghost Pictures? You decide…

Take a look at these newly added ghost & spirit pictures:

Tombstone Birdcage Theatre Ghost

Facial Apparition Ghost Picture

Haunting Mists Ghost Pictures

New Mexico Office Ghost

Red Man Ghost Picture

More Angels, Ghosts & Spirits to Enjoy!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Feel free to search through thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits! Below are links to some major sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures

Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!

More Shortcuts to Spirits:

Ghost Pictures Collection

Angel Pictures Collection

Visit Our Ghost Store!

The Fringe Technology Store

Buy a full spectrum camera or pick up a ghost box!

Check out our selection of special ghost investigation equipment.

Fringe Technology Store

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Holidays & a Rise in Haunting?

Over the past two weeks, I’m having more and more people contact me with what I shall call “ghost problems.” Some are being pestered while others are simply seeing ghost activity elevate within their homes or around their children. Descriptions of haunting, recently, have included seeing shadow ghosts, hearing voices and the manipulation of the physical environment in some way (e.g. moving or missing objects, bangings, etc).

I’m wondering if during the holiday season there might be a rise in ghost activity. A ghost is simply a disembodied human spirit (my definition for this post), and human beings react differently during this time of year, it seems. Could the thought of the holidays still affect people while in the ethereal realms? Are ghosts and spirits more involved in our lives during celebrations? Can holidays hold a negative connotation for some lost spirits; while to others, it may simply make them more joyous? Just some thoughts to consider while drinking our eggnog and enjoying family and friends as 2011 comes to a close.

If you are experiencing a haunting, remain fearless and compassionate toward the person unseen who is with you. You might just find that Aunt Martha has been trying to make her presence known, and you wouldn’t want to upset Aunt Martha.

Seriously, if you need help solving a haunting in a compassionate way, may I recommend the book, Helping Ghosts?

Ghosts at Southern State Community College!

This Thursday, October 6th, I will be speaking about ghosts and haunting at Southern State Community College (South Campus) in Sardinia, Ohio. I plan on presenting ghost pictures and will play audio messages from ghosts and spirits I recorded during cases of haunting. For more on the event, visit: Ghosts: Southern State Community College

Angels & Ghosts News! June 2011

June 2011 Angels & Ghosts News & Updates!

from Louis Charles

Summer Hiatus? No, We’re Just Upgrading…Again.

Our summer is finally upon us, and we’re looking forward to taking some time off in order to upgrade and perform maintenance to the Angels & Ghosts website. While this will appear invisible to you, you might notice us sharing some older ghostly articles, photos, videos, and stories during the next three months. Come September, we’ll return from our summer hiatus, posting all new material for your enjoyment.


New Ghost Pictures!

Jordan Martin’s ghost photo…

We have some very interesting ghost pictures this month for your review. The wedding ghost picture (at left) was taken in the UK, recently, and has made quite a buzz in the newspapers.

Snapshots of Ghosts


New Angel Photographs!

Tim Stockwell’s angel picture looks like an old painting!

Check out some cool images of angels captured within photographs. The angel picture (at right) was captured by Tim Stockwell of Ohio. It looks like an upside down portrait!

Angels Images


Choosing the Right Infrared Illuminator

A Super Big IR Illuminator

How to Choose the Correct IR Light

When purchasing an Infrared illuminator for your night vision-enabled camcorder, Infrared or Full Spectrum camera, how do you know which light will illuminate the darkness before you buy it? Should you purchase a small or large light? Should it run on regular batteries, rechargables, or on A/C power?

We explore the Infrared Illuminator.


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

The following are new pages of photos for June ’11:

Snapshots of Ghosts (New Ghost Pictures!)

Angels Images (New Angel Pictures!)

The following are new stories for June ’11:

Paranormal Phenomena

I Met an Angel

Page of new ghost videos for June ’11:

Best Ghost Videos

For more spirited pages to explore, visit:

Ghost Stories

Angel Stories

Ghost Videos

Ghost Pictures

Angel Pictures

Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!


Solve Cases of Haunting by Helping Ghosts Move On!

Learn about the other side…

Pick up a copy of Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits and understand why ghosts do the things they do.

Ghosts have mystified the human experience for thousands of years. This does not mean, however, that we cannot come to an understanding about the behavior of human spirits.

Buy a copy from Amazon!


Fringe Tech Ghost Hunting Store

We have full spectrum cameras in every price range!

Fringe Tech Ghost Hunting Store

You can find some unique ghost investigation items here, such as IR lights, full spectrum cameras, ghost box communication devices, and more!


Have a great month!

Louis Charles, Publisher

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Seek The Light Expo – April 2nd & 3rd 2011

This weekend, the fourth annual Seek The Light Search For The Truth Expo/Psychic Fair kicks off at the John S. Knight Convention Center on 77 East Mill Street in Akron, Ohio. I’ll be speaking at 2:00 PM on Saturday about ghosts and haunting, sharing ghost pictures and audio recordings of ghostly voices.
If you are looking for a full spectrum camera for ghost hunting or a ghost box to aid in recording EVP, I’ll be bringing my “Fringe Technology” items for sale. Plus, signed copies of my book, Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits, will be made available at a discounted price!
Event Info: Seek the Light Expo
April 2  – 3, 2011
11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Admission $8 – 13 and under free

Para Investigators Radio – Podcast of Helping Ghosts

Listen to my radio interview with hosts Kurt and Bill of the Para Investigators Radio. In the podcast, you will hear about how we can help ghosts, why need to move beyond the collection evidence, and my explanation of Full Spectrum Cameras and why we need to be using them on investigations. Over 10% of people who purchased a full spectrum camera from the Fringe Technology Store have captured a credible ghost picture using it!

To listen to the podcast, tune-in here:

Tuesday, October 26th – Ghosts in Alliance, Ohio

Rodman Public Library in Alliance, Ohio - Ghost Talk!

This Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 from 6:30-7:30 pm, I will be giving a ghost talk at Rodman Public Library in Alliance, Ohio. I’ll also be showing ghost pictures and sharing ghost EVP recorded with the ghost box. The ghost talk will be about my book, Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits and how we can communicate with ghosts in order to help them move forward on their journey. Ghosts are people aren’t they?

Afterward, copies of Helping Ghosts will be made available to guests for $15.

For more information, contact the Rodman Public Library in Alliance, Ohio.

Ghost Chatter This Wednesday Night…8 PM EST

This Wednesday night, September 15th at 8 pm EST, I will join host Jimmy Morris of Ghost Chatter for another enlightening discussion about ghosts and haunting. The last time we talked live on the air, we hit it off and were bouncing personal experiences off of one another. I hope to talk more about my book, Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits. Tune-in via the Internet at

Forgotten Voices Radio – Communicating with Ghosts

This Thursday, August 26th at 9:30 pm EST I’ll join host Karlo and team of Forgotten Voices Radio. Broadcasting out of NE Ohio, we will discuss communicating with ghosts and how we can help them.

You can tune-in at

Para Explorers Radio – August 24th 8pm EST

Join me this Tuesday, August 24th at 8 pm EST (5 pm PST) as I discuss ghosts and haunting on Para Explorer’s Radio! I’m sure we’ll talk about my book, “Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits,” and how we can help humanspirits move on in their life-journey.

Para Explorers - Ghosts!

You can tune-in via the Internet and hear the broadcast live at