Toys R Us Ghost Picture
Toys R Us Ghost: Enhanced Image
Close-up: Toys R Us Ghost Man
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Famous Ghost Picture
Toys R Us Ghost Picture!
The famous Toys R Us ghost picture shows a young man leaning on shelves in the background during a séance. The ghost photograph was taken with an Infrared camera. To the surprise of the photographer and others, the ghost did not show up in other pictures of the same exact area, even when taken at the same moment with high speed film. Only the Infrared film captured the male figure ghost photo! Could the Toys R Us ghost photo show us that the Infrared spectrum is where some ghosts manifest?

Read on for more details about this famous ghost pic...
More of the Story:
The story about the haunting made its way onto a television show in 1978 called, That's Incredible. Famed medium Sylvia Brown joined hosts Fran Tarkenton, John Davidson and Kathy Lee Crosby to investigate the store and conduct the seance while being photographed by professional photographers. According to employees at the time of the Sunnyvale, California Toys 'R' Us store, the ghost haunted the aisles and was known to toss toys from shelves, create cold spots, and make his presence known in other ways. He was often felt like a breeze behind workers and patrons. The ghost was believed to be that of a man from the 1880s with the last name of Johnson or Johnston, a ranch hand and preacher who farmed where the store sits today. The young man, while in his twenties or early thirties, bled to death. Does the man still haunt the Toys R Us store? Maybe...
(left, above)
We adjusted the contrast of the man leaning on the wall.

Although this ghost picture is considered by most not to be a fake, we still must note that the shoes look more like tennis shoes and not boots from the late 1800s. Also, the cut of the clothing seems more modern, with seventies-style flared jeans.

Is this famous photograph a truly good ghost picture?

You decide...

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