Choir Loft Ghost Picture
Close-up of the Choir Loft Ghost
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Famous Ghost Picture
Choir Loft Ghost Picture
A ghost appeared in the choir loft of St. Botolph's Church in London, England.

Chris Brackley photographed the church in 1982, unwittingly capturing what some believe to be the spirit of a woman or former priest. The ghost appears to be wearing either a long robe or a dress.

Below is the ghost picture along with a close-up of the ghost figure. What do you see?
Look closely at the upper right loft - a ghostly, robed figure stands in the balcony.
Two close-ups of the choir loft ghost: one in color and the other enlarged and in black and white.

Is the ghost a male or female? To us, the high collar looks more like a priest's robe than a lady's dress. Study the ghost photo and decide for yourself...

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