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Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia is spooky with its Spanish Moss. It was also where General Sherman camped on graves during the Civil War. Rhonda Swindell sent us this possible ghost picture taken on vacation during the summer of 2011:
"I just started snapping a few pictures of the wall. After returning to our hotel, I saw something a little odd in the bushes."

Original photo of the Colonial Park Cemetery scene with the man. Is he a ghost?
Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost Picture

We enlarged the figure of the man. Is he in period dress or just another visitor?
Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost: Close-up

"After we had our tour of Historic Savannah, I decided that I wanted to go walk through the cemetery in the center of town. Legend goes, that when the Union Soldiers came to town during the Civil War, they decided the perfect place to set up camp was in the middle of this cemetery; however the tombstones were in their way.  So they took the tombstones and piled them up. Once the soldiers left, the family members, not wanting to place the tombstones over the wrong graves, decided to attach them to this wall. I tried to get my husband and son to stand in front of the wall for a picture; they refused. After returning to our hotel that night and starting to look over the pictures, I saw something a little odd in the bushes.  So, I zoomed in on the object, only to find a soldier standing." 

After carefully studying this photograph, we do believe there is a man standing in or behind the bushes, looking at the wall. The dress is hard to discern due to the lack of detail. For example, is he wearing a tam (hat), and what type of shirt is that? The hat does look more like a Union soldier cap. Still, because of the lack of detail due to the distance, we have to wonder if it is another vacationer. However, Rhonda is fairly sure that no one else was standing there. So, this ghost picture intrigues us, making us wonder just what we have in frame. We will be visiting this location in October 2012, so we'll be sure to check the same spot to see where the man would have been (in the bushes, or behind them, etc). If we have something new to report, we will be sure and post an update on this page.

Is it a ghost or just another tourist at Colonial Park Cemetery? You must decide...

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