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David B. wrote us, sending what may be a ghost represented by a dark mass in the photo:

"(I kept seeing a) dark mass in my home from the corner of my eye. Caught this in my living room - kept seeing movement, so I took a picture (with my phone's camera)."

Is this dark mass a ghost? This first photo is the original we received:
Dark mass: Is it a ghost in this photo?

We lightened this photo to inspect the image more closely:
Dark mass is lightened to see if it is a ghost or specter.

This photo is definitely full of the spook factor, but are we looking at a ghost? The way the dark image is blurry, this effect could be caused by movement. And, looking at the lightened version, you can see folds of material near the bottom left of the figure. This made us ask the obvious question: Was the cell phone picture taken in a darker environment to conceal someone wrapped in a dark blanket? We don't know, but we have to offer our thoughts for your consideration.

Is this the image of a mysterious dark mass a ghost? You decide...

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