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In July 2012, a video of an apparition appearing in a Perth, Scotland teahouse was claimed to have been the best paranormal evidence captured in 10 years. But is it? We take a closer look at the screen capture from the video and share our thoughts...

A luminescent ghost figure appears at the right side of the video still:
Perth, Scotland Ghost Picture

"The first time I saw the shadow moving on the camera, my heart went nuts. I thought there was an intruder in the shop. But when I looked closer, I realized it couldn’t be a live human being. I could see right through it,"said the owner of the tea shop (according to the U.K's Daily Record ).

Looking at the photo, and that is all we have at this point is a photo, there appears to be a light source at the upper right side. We have put an arrow there to indicate it. What is important to note is that this light is bright, casting light and shadows throughout the tea room. It is possible, maybe, that the ghost figure is actually lens flare. But to know for sure, we would need to see the video that has yet to surface. If we had the full clip of the ghost, we might be able to see how the figure forms, possibly ruling out the anomaly as being a specter. Still, if you look closely, it would appear that the ghost figure is behind the table, making it potentially some great evidence.

Is this photo the best paranormal evidence found in 10 years? We need the video to be released to know for sure.

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