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From 2011-12 Ghost Pictures

The following ghost picture was taken in St. Augustine, Florida. If you look closely, what appears to be the apparition of a man is sitting down.

"It appears to us that it is a figure of a man in a sitting position. It seems he has stripes on his sleeve as well."
- Tracy Harrell

Is a man sitting in front of the house in St. Augustine?
St. Augustine Ghost!?

"As my husband, mom and I were walking back to our car parked on St. George Street, I commented to my mom that in all the years we had visited St. Augustine, I had never really noticed this particular house before. It was very unique, almost like a castle. I wanted to take a picture of it as we were leaving in the car, so I rolled down the window and snapped the photo with my husband's iPhone. I took quite a few more pics of this house, as well as the one next door; but this is the only one with an apparition. Given the extensive history of this town dating back hundreds of years, it is difficult to determine the time period he comes from."


We think this ghost photo is fascinating. Is it a male ghost? We cannot be sure, but it sure looks like a human figure to us, too. The weight of the man is leaning forward on spread legs as if he were really there. Despite our best attempts, we could not bring forth any details. This is typical with many true apparitions.

By the way, St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the United States, being the oldest continously-inhabited city in the U.S. So it is full of history...and some say, ghosts. On a side note, the top of the house in the photo looks similar to Zorayda Castle.

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