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High school campers visiting Maria Island in Tasmania might have photographed more than they had bargained for - possibly a ghost. The ghost picture shows, what some believe, to be a woman in a dress or robe. The Coffee Palace apparition was taken by an eighth grader. Is this an old woman wearing glasses? Is it a ghost? You decide...

Tasmania ghost picture surfaces in 2012. Is it really a ghost? Take a look:
Tasmania Ghost Picture

We lightened the ghost picture to show more of the robed or dress-wearing specter. We do not believe this is a reflection or that the photograph was manipulated by the teens. Is it a ghost? Maybe. Look closely, and you can see a side-view of a face that looks like ther person is wearing spectacles. A pretty cool ghost picture if you ask us - at least a conversation starter.

The island of Maria off of Tasmania has had reports of people seeing a former resident, the apparition of Rosa Adkins. She was known as its longest resident, and it would appear, she might not have any plans on leaving. You see, she used to run the Coffee Palace (now a museum), a restaurant and inn. Whoo...spooky. Perhaps, she is still overseeing things from beyond her burial place (she is interred on the island, by the way).

Did the teen capture a ghost while visiting Maria Island? You decide...

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