Ancient Egypt – Mummies & Specters

Ancient Egypt & Beliefs in the Afterlife: MummyAfter watching different movie versions of “The Mummy,” one can’t help but wonder what ancient Egypt believed with regard to curses, plagues, entities, the afterlife and more. Did priests of Pharaoh have direct connections with dead ancients and the afterlife? Could they manipulate spirits or apply curses to the living and the damned? We may never know.

Westerners have been captivated by Egyptian culture, especially so, when King Tut’s remains and raided tomb treasure made its way to the United States. Rumors of a curse plaguing those who participated in the Tut excavation have been the stuff of legend. Could ghosts have haunted the archaeology team and their families?

This month, Egypt is on our minds. So, we have a great article about this wonderful, ancient culture’s belief in ghosts and spirits: Egyptian Ghosts

Ghosts and Their Groups / Website Upgrade

Ghosts and Their Groups
We’ve been giving a lot of thought to the idea behind communication with ghosts, especially that which originates from the non-physical realm. Why would others, in Spirit, wish to talk to ghosts of people who are hanging around the Earth plane?

We do not wish to spill the beans just yet, but in the book, Helping Ghosts, if you read it, you’ll learn about some of the audio recordings we made that not only contained voices of ghosts but of spirits who were attempting to get in touch with those of us here. These spirits were not trapped but actually working to help lost spirits of people (ghosts) get free from this physical realm and they needed us to assist them. That is the crux of the book.

However, these ghost and spirit voice recordings really validated some ideas we had about all of us being surrounded by enlightened spirits who watch over and communicate with us. These spirits also are attempting to make contact with ghosts. We have been studying and working to understanding this greater and have some very good working information that will be published as an upcoming article on Angels & Ghosts this year. We are excited and amazed to be able to put together some more pieces of the mystery that is life and share it with you. It was, quite honestly, eye-opening.

Website Upgrade in Progress
Recently, we have contracted with a top design and development firm to completely revamp the Angels & Ghosts website. It is already in progress and began with a brand new logo design. The website will have some nice surprises that shall remain secret, for now. Suffice to say that the project will take several months or more to complete, but we are addressing over 4000 pages of content – some of which was created as far back as 2004. Know that our #1 priority will be visitor experience. It is our hope to have the absolute best ghost and spirit website on the web.

During this time, though we are still receiving submissions, we have ceased from publishing any new content on the website until after the new site launches. Our fingers are crossed that we are able to do so, this year.

Cursed Ghosts! Can Ghosts Bring About Curses?

James Dean and his Porsche Spyder. Was it cursed?A new article hit the Angels & Ghosts website, today: Ghost Curses.

We wanted to explore the idea of curses and ghost behavior. In other words, what can ghosts do behind the scenes to influence the lives of people living on earth? Can they bring about revenge? We look at a few famous examples as well as lend some thought behind the idea of the “ghost curse,” basing the info upon what we have learned about spirit behavior over the years.

On a side note, Understanding Darkness and Light is an old article that has been updated. It explores the idea that the condition of a person’s soul stays with them through death and can be seen, visibly, as either dark or light.

Basic Ghost Questions

We just completed adding onto our Ghost Information section, entitled Ghosts 101. We’ve redone our How to Tell if You Have a Ghost page with more helpful answers to questions about ghosts. And, we’ve also included two new pages entitled What to Do with a Ghost? and What Does a Ghost Look Like?

Psychic Reading By Tarot Cards, Horses & Ghost Pictures Library!

This summer, my family and I are taking a short vacation at Ocean City, Maryland. Its a crazy place, I’ve found out, with beach combers, sun lovers, boardwalk explorers and the like. I would call it a fun place to take the kids. While here, we also plan on visiting Assateague Island, a barrier island, that has wild horses living on it since the 16oos.

While on vacation, I was also able to finally complete the newly organized Ghost Pictures Library that is cleaned up, organized and categorized to make it much easier to find some of the best ghost photos from within the thousands of photograph pages, different examples of ghost manifestations, famous, real, false pics, and even a few fakes. I really wanted it to be a resource for learning and exploration for everyone – hope you like it.

Yesterday morning, I was asked to visit a psychic with my wife. I obliged – it was very interesting.

I must admit that I was pleasantly enlightened by the accuracy (as far as him describing my wife and our lives fairly accurately) of the fortune teller. Be sure and read about our tarot card reading experience. I think you might like it. – Louis

Spotting a Fake or False Ghost Photo

For many years, now, we have been privy to viewing a bevy of photographs that people thought might be paranormal. Some were, and some were not.

The Early Years of Angels & Ghosts
At first, almost everything seemed likes ghosts to us when examining fotos. After a couple years of presenting these images to website visitors, we began attempting to understand what was causing strange artifacts in some of them. Numerous experiments later, we found we could duplicate many of the odd, but accidental effects. Some we could not recreate; and to us, they were beyond normal – possibly, supernatural.

Ghost Photos: Fakery & Falsehoods
Having examples and research as our basis for ghost photography, we recently decided to amp up our pages about false and fake ghost photos. False photos are those which are accidental but very explainable aberrations. Fakes would, then, be deliberately-altered photographs created by people to surface around the web. So, spotting a fake or false ghost photo can be as easy as using our pages of information of pics that definitely do not contain ghosts. If it cannot be explained with what we provide you as a reference point, then maybe, you have a photo of a specter. Working to first disprove in order to prove seems to make much more sense. But, we don’t like to call it that or even “debunking” – let’s call it being a bit more educated in order to get to the bottom of a good mystery.

Begin exploring our research in our section entitled, Fake Ghost Pictures. You’ll notice we have pages about scientific explanations such as anthropomorphizing, matrixing and examining exif data (in example). Then, you will be able to explore pages of natural photo anomalies. Quite cool! And finally, we present outright fake ghost photography articles and examples. But, if you want a check list of how to examine a ghost photo, then read Ghosts We Think We See to see how you can tell if a real ghost is in your photo.

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Ghost Photos, Shadow Man & Story of Haunted Dolls

Angels & Ghosts News!
April 2013
April has been an incredible month, and we are excited to bring you some fantastic stories and ghost photos.

One ghost picture that we recently received, in particular, further confirms a ghostly encounter we have been chasing for over 7 years: the Moundsville Shadow Man. You need to see this awesome collection of photos and their stories. – Louis

The Moundsville Shadow Man Photos
Compare the 3 Shadow Man Ghost Photos! Moundsville Shadow Ghost: Taken in the Psyche Ward
Many years ago, we learned of the West Virginia Pen’s most famous ghost picture, the Shadow Man, and just had to investigate the story behind the photo – onsite. Not only did we come away convinced that Polly Gear’s photograph is authentic, but we’ve received 2 other photos, since our original investigation, that validate the shadow man sighting!

More Ghost Photos
Ghost in PicturesHoly smokes – we have some ghost photos that will astound. See our most recent ghost pictures: Ghost in Pictures

Also view ghosts photographed using our ghost hunting cameras: Full Spectrum Ghost Pictures.

Also view these hot real ghost photo pages:

True Haunted Doll Story

Haunted Doll StoryThis month’s true ghost story comes from Portugal. You might have heard of people wanting to own a haunted doll, but we suggest reading this account before doing so: Haunted Doll Story

Learn more? Visit our Haunted Dolls section!

Ghost Ships: Tales of Haunting at SeaWant More? How About Ghost Ships?
Haunting can happen anywhere, we have found, and the sea holds its share of ghastly tales.

See photos and read stories of Ghost Ships.

History of Ghost Sightings, Haunted Places & Stuff!

Angels & Ghosts News!
March 2013

It’s time for more updates to Angels & Ghosts. We have some very interesting pictures of ghost phenomenon, a wild angel in a fire photograph, updated Haunted section and some history of ghost sightings. Enjoy…

– Louis

Haunted History: Infamous Tales of GhostsHistory of Ghosts - Resurrection Mary
Learn about some ghostly accounts from ages ago up to the Twentieth Century. From a Biblical account to the first known story of a haunted house to The White House, you’ll enjoy learning some phantasm-ic history of ghost sightings!

Check Out Pictures of Ghost Sightings!
Corner Ghost Picture

New, for March, we’ve added pictures of ghost activity. Some of them are real; others are suspect, in our opinion. For example, the ghost photo at left is popular on many sites. But, is it real? Find out what we think and decide for yourself!

Angel or Spirit in Fire PictureAngel in Fire Picture
L. Paxton had the photo, at right, taken when he was much younger while posing in front of a bon fire. Little did he or his friend know they would photograph an incredible angel or spirit picture. You must see it to believe the Angel in Fire photograph!

Updated Haunted Section – New!
Haunting, paranormal activity has puzzled mankind for thousands of years. We are building a section of information about haunted objects and places so you can learn more. Explore haunted dolls, hotels, lighthouses, paintings and more at our Haunted section!

Ghost Hunting Equipment!
Ghost hunting and need equipment? Visit the Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store

New Ghost Photos, Ghosts & Baby Monitors, Best Times to Ghost Hunt…

Angels & Ghosts News
December 2012

Happy Holidays!

I trust you will be having special times with family and friends this time of year, including those in spirit who celebrate with you unseen. May we inspire you to know more about the mysteries of life this coming year…  – Louis Charles

Are People Hearing Ghosts in Baby Monitors?

Over the years, it has been a consistent theme: people reporting voices coming from the rooms of their infants. Are they ghosts?
Baby Monitors & Ghosts

We take a closer look at the phenomenon this month. Read Baby Monitor & Ghosts.

Real Ghost Photographs…

Real Ghost PicturesFor December, we brush up on Bugsy Siegel and wonder if he could possibly haunt the hotel he once owned. After all, his ghost has been spotted by dozens of people over the years. We also examine a photo of a possible ghost in front of a burial mound and a pic of a grandmother who appears in spirit with mourners having a vigil! Check out our Real Ghost Pictures

Revamped Sections of the Angels & Ghosts Website!

We’ve been updating sections of our website, Angels & Ghosts, and have updated the Best Times for Ghost Hunting page. Check it out!

Want to ghost hunt from your computer? Why not watch a haunted location from the comfort of your home? We updated our list of haunted web cams from around the Internet. They are showing live footage of houses, buildings and more that reportedly have ghost activity. You just might catch a ghost! Visit Ghost Web Cams

New Ghost Hunting Products

More products have been added to our store and more are coming later this month! Visit the…Angels & Ghosts Store

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author
Angels & Ghosts
Helping Ghosts

Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store

Real Ghost Photographs, Ideal’s Haunted House Game…


November 2012

As I write this letter, we are speeding into the holiday season.

For some fun, this month, we have included an article about an old, “ghostly” toy as well as a very cool video of Stan Lee from the Savannah Film Festival for you comic book fans. And of course, we have some great ghost photographs for your review. – Louis Charles

Ideal’s Haunted House Game


The game, “Haunted House”

We thought for the holidays that it might be fun to look at at toy, or in this case a game, that sparked our imaginations and kindled our desire to explore the paranormal as children. In 1962, toy maker, Ideal, came out with the best haunted house game ever.

Take a look at the Haunted House Game.

Real Ghost Photographs…


A female ghost sits behind her…

This month, we explore 5 ghost photographs that have filled up many an e-mail inbox. These specters have awed millions of people via the Internet. Are they all real? Take a closer look and consider their stories.

Check out our Real Ghost Photographs

New Ghost Pictures Section!


Famous & Real Ghost Photos

Last month, we announced that the old Angels & Ghosts homepage was a thing of the past. Now, we also have a new look for our ghost pictures section of our website.

Check out Real Ghost Pictures.

The Amazing Stan Lee (Special Feature)


Stan Lee in Savannah, GA…

In October, we visited Savannah, Georgia, did some ghost hunting, and caught a live interview with legendary comic book character, Stan Lee. Listen to the creator of some of the most beloved superheros, such as Spider Man, the Hulk, X-Men, Captain America and many more.

YouTube interview: The Amazing Stan Lee.


Get a copy of Helping Ghosts!

Best Journeys,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

Angels & Ghosts

Helping Ghosts