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Gary sent us these recent paranormal ghost pictures of orbs after a calving:

"Thought I would share.   I live on a small farm about 30 minutes North of Lexington.  
Last night about 9:00 pm on 3/8/05, one of my young cows went into labor with her
first calf.   I had to assist in the delivery, and naturally grabbed my camera after a
healthy baby was on the ground.   To my surprise, when I pulled the photos from the
camera, was a clearly visible orb just beside the baby calf.   I took four photos from the
same angle, and this is the only one that showed activity.   The old farm has had quite
a lot of paranormal activity, and I was pleased to catch this bit on film.  On two
occasions, the attic steps have been pulled down, twice the back door has been wide
open, just after purchasing the place, I entered a room where one corner was clearly
10 degrees cooler and every hair I had was standing on end.   Twice there has been
knocking at different doors during the middle of the night.   Once I heard the back
door slam and a female voice call out "Hon?" when my girlfriend was out in the barn  *(
THAT one shook me up!! )*  I have been told by a medium that the former owner visits
the place to check on things."
psychic cow
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