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December 2004
Canadian Ghost Orbs...  Anne recently submitted these paranormal photos she took and the
following are her comments:

"The first ghost photo was taken 10/05/04, in a 1930's farm house in Brentwood Bay on
Vancouver island.  She was the original owner of this house and to make a long story short,
she committed suicide.  A medicine woman was called in to cleanse  the house.  It appeared to
work but within a few months her spirit had returned.

The next two photos were taken 10/29/04, consecutively, in an alley behind a popular
restaurant/pub in Victoria, BC.  I had just finished attending the "Victoria Ghost Walk" and
decided to take photos of the alley after being told about the paranormal activity that has been
happening there.  This location, strangely enough, was not on the ghost tour.  I thought these
orbs might be rain drops but the inconsistency of size, density and colour seem to be too
diverse.  I have a few other photos but so far I have only captured orbs."
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