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At Angels & Ghosts, we receive tons of ghost and angel pictures from all over the world, monthly.  The most
common pictures we receive are called "orb" pictures.  We do not claim to be experts on "orb" pictures, as
many disagree as to the significance of them in the ghost hunting community.  Orbs can be caused by
moisture, dust, flash reflection, solar flare and spiritual energy.  Many have videotaped orbs flying around
rooms - some are dust with light reflecting off of it; others are balls of energy that many ghost hunters are
not sure just what they represent.  We do not claim to have the answers, but we seek to present the
evidence we receive and allow our viewers to research and decide on their own.

It is hard to determine exactly the source of an orb for sure...some are downright questionable, thus we
cannot post all orb pictures we receive.  The following pictures have orbs in them, and we are not sure what
caused them.  We could claim them to be dust, but do we really know that?  We just posted these orb pics
together (received from different people), so you could see how orbs appear in photographs of all types...
canal fulton, ohio orb pictures Left:
Patricia from Ohio recently
took some
orb pictures in
Canal Fulton, Ohio:

"This photo was taken
during a ride on the Erie
Canal in the Queen
Helena III at night. It is a
dark wooded area along
the canal."

"This one is my favorite.  
I just can't dismiss this
beautiful blue orb. Note
the difference in the other
orbs in this picture."

Left: Melissa Mullany-Lee
sent the following story
and pics. Are there faces
in these orbs?  Look at
the close-ups:

"I was just taking a picture
of the house all lit up for
Halloween...I thought they
were so interesting, orbs
all over, so I zoomed in. I
see a face or if it is true,
some sort of ghost, in
almost every orb...one of
the faces just gives me
chills: very human, of
Asian decent; I would
even venture to say,
Korean.  Funny thing is
that my husband is Korean
and he took one look at
the picture and identified it

Left:  Two orb pictures
sent to us by Christian
Rieger of
The Ghosts of
Old Fort Lauderdale:

"Ghosts, Mysteries and
Legends of Old Fort
Lauderdale has been
showing guests the
haunts of spirits locked in
time along the banks of
the New River for a year
and a half.  Soon we will
be opening a site that has
the photos of orbs and
spectres taken during the

Left:  "...taken on a land
which is known for a long
time as a cemetery for the
ancients who lived in my
country, Bahrain. That
land was called the land of
eternity.  Kings and
emperors from 4000 BC
were buried there.  Parts
of this land (are a)
housing project.  Many
complained of strange
events...some houses
were set on fire by ghosts
or (genies)."
- Shaima

Left: Liz of PPI sent this
orb pic:

"Black Bear Church - orb
in basement.  Black bear
church & cemetery is so
full of activity.  A huge
White Owl lives there...like
he is watching out for the

Left:  These two pictures
were sent to us by

"I recently purchased a
150 year old antique
cabinet from Indonesia.  I
was taking pictures of it
the other day and was a
little disturbed that
whenever I took pictures
of it on my digital camera,
there were vibrations
coming from the two sides
of the cabinet. When I
downloaded the
images into the computer,
there were no vibrations;
but I noticed a few orbs
on some of the pictures
that I took."

"This is a picture of my
three year old son that
was taken at the
library.You can see he
was pointing at the orb.  
It's funny that I failed to
notice this before and
when I checked the date,
it was taken exactly seven
months after my dad had
passed away from cancer."

Left:  Sue Travis of
Sarasota, Florida took this
picture of orbs at the
Arlington Hotel in Hot
Springs, Arkansas.
canal fulton orb picture
asian orb pictures
bahrain orb picture
black bear church orb picture photo
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