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Juan Guzman sent us two ghost pictures:

The first one with a nice orb.  The second with what appears to be a person in the upstairs
middle window...

"I'm a very scientific type, and I do believe in ghosts too, which is amazing.  Reason why, I've
had to different ghosts in my life with many occurrences.  They were very real with objects
moved and rhythmic tappings on walls and desks.   The first was in an old farm house when I
was a kid when objects were moved constantly.  I found out that they can hear everything that
we say when I asked it one night to be quiet because it disturbed my sleep. I was very polite
and said "please" when I asked.   It was quiet for a while but started up again.   The second
ghost is still with me.  It has moved with me through three different cities and has the same
rhythmic knock.  I'm at the point that I'm more scared of the living than of the dead.  I'm not
really scared of ghosts.

The thing is, I'm not the type to believe in a divine god, heaven or hell.  I'm very scientific.  But I
know what I've experienced.  If someone like me were to wrap a ghost in a box and present it to
these skeptics, they still wouldn't believe because "it can't be felt or seen".  There's a lot to this
world that these skeptics are closing themselves off to for discovery by their own ignorance."
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