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Richard G. Mas sent us this orb picture taken at Universal Studios.  What is fascinating is not the Barney &
Friends in the picture, but the person that appears inside the green orb:

"My daughter, Valeria, who is 21 months old has on different occasions (when taking her pictures) had
something come up in the picture. The first time was a 2.5 megapixel camera on vacation in Southern
Honduras where we are from, where a clear blue image similar to the one seen here appeared; but on certain
shots. And again today, when we were at Universal studios it reappeared to the right of the yellow dinosaur
using a completely different camera than the previous one mentioned above. I have tried to get into detail and
can make someone out, but cannot be concise.  If anybody has any thoughts of what or who this may be, I
would appreciate it.  Thanks to you all."
Close-up of the
green orb with what
looks to be a lady
within it. Could a
grandma be with
her grand daughter?
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