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Sery sent us these interesting pictures from inside an old Eagles' Club:

"We took these pictures in an unused attic when no one else was in there but the photographer. When we
downloaded the pictures to our computers we noticed these odd mists - some more frightening than others. We
also found one that looks like a little girl and a little boy playing in the background. Two girls saw a little girl
appear to them. One girl claims to have heard voices. Before we went up there, I had a dream of two little girls
upstairs, but we could see it because it was more like a catwalk; and there were these two little girls around the
ages of four and six. They kept wanting me to go up there and talk to them. It was weird because no one else
knew they were there. They couldn't see them, either. I had never seen the attic before, but when we went up
there it looked exactly like it did in my dream, just less used. I hadn't told the one girl who saw a girl up there
about it."
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