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Voices heard through a baby monitor by Tamara led up to these interesting ghost pictures she captured later. Is their home haunted by someone watching over their child? It's possible loved ones in spirit are with them, observing, maybe making their presence known through the baby monitor? What do you think??

"I was given baby monitors as a gift. They at times pick up cell phones, CBs, walkie-talkies, etc. However, it also picks up a lot of screeching sounds. Occasionally, it displays a male voice. It always asks, 'Can you hear me? Do you hear me?' It happens 3-4 times occasionally, and it has even said my son's name, Delano. So one evening, we were playing on the ground. He kept looking past me and peeking around the couch. He did that a few times, and just then, the baby monitor made a screeching sound. So, I decided to take photos


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Whitish form looks like a dress almost.

Shape of this misty form seems like it is sitting on the living room couch.

The baby monitor can be seen in the background beside the sofa. What we cannot rule out is the brightness of the light which is also bouncing off of the glass covering the picture. However, if you look closely, the misty shape appears to bend in a possiby unchararacteristic manner for light, especially in the first photo. This effect of bending light might also be due to reflection. We are not certain. Is this light creating the ghostly effect, or are these photos evidence of the spirit of a loved one - maybe a ghost?

You decide...

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