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The following ghost picture was sent by Terri from Illinois.  The orbs could be spirit or dust
from the painting work.  However, her testimony is an interesting decide:

"Hi, my name is Terri and I live in Mt. Vernon, IL.  I took the attached
picture on the afternoon of Nov. 22, 2004 in a building my husband and
I bought which was built in the early 1900's. I feel the comforting energy of spirits in the
building with us.  In an odd way, they have become my friends.  The bank was originally a
bank building with various other offices on the upper floors, such as lawyers, doctors, dentists,
barber shops, drug stores, etc. I have taken hundreds of photographs in the building.
Sometimes the pictures do not have any orbs in them. Some pictures have one to twenty orbs
in them. Only on Oct. 31, 2004 and Nov. 22, 2004 were the orbs in mass.

Two different times when my husband and I have been on the top floor,
we heard a man's voice coming from the stairs.  I have an office on the bottom floor, so I am
here everyday. When I am alone in the building I will here someone walking on the floor above
me. On many occasions have heard someone walking down the stairs. I will go look to see if
any one is there, no one is there. I know what it
sounds like when someone comes down the stairs. Many times I have felt
someone touch my shoulder and arm. Usually everyday I feel someone
standing behind me, beside me, or walking behind me. It is comforting, not

In the past couple of weeks my husband (an architect) has taken
pictures in several old buildings (late 1800's) in town for his
renovation/remodel drawings. The orbs are in most of his pictures, not all of them."
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