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Katie sent us this ghost picture of orbs.  These orbs (upper right of picture) could be dust and
reflection, or they could be relatives of the family.  Here are Katie's words:

"My name is Katie and I was extremely skeptical of ghosts until I saw this photo. I took this photo
at my Grandma's house during Christmas 2004. You can see three orbs floating around my
cousins who are sitting on the sofa. My cousins, who are sitting on the sofa, were looking at a
family photo album that contains pictures of deceased relatives. About 4 years ago, my aunt died.
My aunt is the mother of the two boys who are sitting on the sofa. I'm thinking that one of those
orbs could be my aunt, but I really don't know. I took multiple photos but the only one that showed
an orb-like figure was this one. What do you guys think?"

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