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Mel Stang sent us this ghost in the fog ghostly picture.  Do you see the ghost in the fog?  Also Mel sent
us this orb picture which looks like a spider-like orb...

"These are pictures we took from a cemetery near Murphy, North Carolina. The picture of the possible
orb was taken first and the face in the fog was taken the very next night. We had taken several pictures
of the same grave of a 15 year old boy that died in 1904. After several pictures of nothing the second
night the ghost in the fog appeared in the lower right corner of the picture.  It was a clear cool night and
all the other pics came out with no fog. The face appears to be that of a man 50 - 60 years old and the
next day we went back to the grave of the 15 year old boy, and just as expected, there is a grave right
next to him of a 50 year old man possibly the boy's father."
ghost in the fog
ghost in the fog

Close-up of
the ghost in
the fog...
orb spider

Close-up of the
spider looking
orb...we're not
sure what caused
this effect.
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orb spider
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