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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
Ghost Photo
of the Month
for May 2005
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Ghost Photos  

Gettysburg Ghost Pics
Orbs are everywhere in this
recent Gettysburg, PA
photo collection.

Faces in Pictures
Are you able to find the
faces in these pictures?

World Trade Center Pic
Marc shot this strange
unexplained photo of a
globe from the towers!

Dog Sees Orbs
Multiple orbs over a lake
seem to be watched by
Frank's dog.
Ghost Photos

Victorian Lady Ghost
Apparition photo is Ghost
Picture of the Month for
May 2005!

Orb Over Shoulder Ghost
Is this orb an angel or
possibly a ghost over
Renee's shoulder?.

Evan's Living Room
This "living" room has orbs
in it and it had a vortex in it
Ghost Photos

Kids with Orbs
Queensland Australia mom
sent us this pic of orbs
around her children.

Spooky Night Ghost
Ectoplasm and a face
highlight this story of a
weird evening...

Belleview Biltmore Pic
Travel Channel did a feature
on Weird Travels of this
haunted hotel.

Weird Picture
Spirits inhabit this picture -
can you see three in it?
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