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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...we
have two pages of ghost
pics to see for your ghost
study this month!
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farm machinery ghost picture
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
December 2005
Ghost Pictures

Halloween Party Ghost?
Is this a vortex or
something in front of the

Washington DC Ghost Pic
Statues at a memorial
seem to come to life with
ghost faces!

Face by Baby Ghost
Image of a lady's face
appeared next to this baby
over the parent's image.

Gravestone Ghost Photo
Weird how ectoplasm
appeared over this marker.

Landmark Theater Ghost
Kristen sent us this picture
from a concert with a head
beside her...

Beautiful Ghost Picture
Jessica sent this ghost pic
of her friend into us.  She is
into witchcraft...

Snow Ectoplasm Pic
K sent us this ectoplasm
pic outdoors in the snow.

President Bush Ghost
Wax model of George W.
has a moving orb in front of
it in this museum...
Ghost Pictures  

Son's Ghost Pictures
Jeff Gorman sent more
ghost pictures.

Vatican Orb Ghost Photo
Ceiling of vatican has a
moving orb in this ghost

White Orb Ghost Picture
Big, and moving...this orb is

Ghost Lightning Pic
Wait until you see this
ghost picture of lightning
inside a house!

Ghostly Observer Picture
A man appears on stage
with kids and seems to be
watching the action!

Ghosts of Tombstone
Ghost captured in color
reflecting off of the glass of
a hearse.

Theater Ghosts?
Lauren sent us these neat
ghost pictures from where
she performed...

Donnamarie's Ghost
Ghost hunting pics of orbs
and more...
Ghost Pictures

Farm Machine Ghost
Ghost picture with
super-charged energy in
front of an old machine.

Ecto Energy Ghost Picture
Nice capture of ectoplasm
energy forming in the air.

Civil War Ghosts
Riki picked up apparitions
and orbs in her ghost pics
as she investigated.

Guy In A Cape Ghost Pic
Looks like The Lord of the
Rings "Ring Wraith" in this
ghost picture!

Face In TV Ghost Photo
Is this the face of a ghost or
something else?

Ghosts of Mississippi
Strange orbs in these ghost
pictures from
moving nicely.

Translucent Ghost Picture
Little girl is translucent in
this picture.  Is it from spirit
energy being present?

Orb Pictures
This month's collection of
orb pictures from different
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scary ghost video
ghost angel pictures
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