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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
winchester house apparition ghost picture
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
May 2006
Ghost Pictures

Ain't Grandma Ghost Pic
What is this that scared a
little boy from a corner in
the room?

Apparition Ghost Picture
Is this ghost image
Photoshopped, or real?

Borneo Ghost Picture
Native Chief and Frank were
joined by the presence of

Pyre Ghost Picture
As the pyre is being lit, a
suspicious orb is present
above it...

Grandpa's Ghost Picture
Rainbow anomaly on the
porch where he use to sit.  
Is it grandpa?

Incinerator Ghost Picture
A ship at sea has an
incinerator with a face in it?

Rooftop Ghost Photo
Light shooting out of the
roof of this New Orleans

Kid Energy Ghost Picture
Is this a ghost that caused
this picture or just
movement of the camera ?

Ghost Over Shoulder?
Did someone pop their head
into this
decide if it is a ghost or not.

Husband's Ghost Pictures
Two pictures from
Ejumper...a smiley-face orb
and more.

Easter Ghost Pictures
Strange anomalies at
Aunt's house on Sunday

Video Ghost Pictures
PIS sent this collection of
ghost photos in a ghost
Ghost Pictures

Winchester House Ghost
This could be an apparition
captured in the garden!  
Cool ghost picture...

Garden Gate Ghost Pic
Something is standing
behind the fence looking at
the house...

Reine's Ghosts Photos
This time, some ghostly
activity in her home...

South Australia Ghost Pic
Ever have the feeling
someone is watching you?  
Christine does...

Blurry Ecto Ghost Pic
Is this smoke or ectoplasm
in front of this girl?

Trick Or Treat Photo
Halloween trick or treat ecto
appears with kids...spooky!

Baby Face Ghost Photo
Strange baby picture...what
do you see in this ghostly

Ecto Edge Ghost Picture
Ecto looks like a cat
head...looks like a human
face when closer...

Purple Haze Picture
A reddish-purple haze is
over the center of this it ghostly?

Jenny Wade Ghost
Interesting picture from
Gettysburg Jenny Wade
ghost picture t-shirt Ghost Pictures

Dog Feeding Ghost
Awesome ectoplasm ghost

Modbury Ghost Picture?
S Australian tells tale of
ghostly haunting...sends
picture as proof!

Buddha Spirit Picture
Ectoplasm looks to be
coming out of this temple

Magnolia Hall Ghost
Cool ghost picture with ecto
and a face...

Sandie's Spirit Photos
You'll love this Pow Wow -
Native American pic!

Ectoplasm Photography
Tricia is taking care of her
Uncle, and captured
spiritual presence - ecto.

Kathy's Ghost Pictures
Kathy Owen sent us a lot of
ghost pictures this month...

Ecto & Faces Pictures
Ectoplasm and faces from
Key West and haunted

Crystal Cave Pictures
Ectoplasm appeared in this
cave ghost photograph.

Nina's Anomalies
Strange light appears to
come out of no where, then
fly by her...

Ghosts Around Baby?
Pictures of anomalies
around this baby...are they

Fireplace Faces Pic
Is there a portal in her home
through the fireplace as she
Orb Pictures
This month's collection of
more orb pictures from
different viewers.

More Orb Pictures
We get lots of orbs sent to
us.  Here are some more
orb pictures!

Reine's Ghost Pictures
More ectoplasm picture
from Reine...

Even More Orb Pictures
This is a big month for orb
pictures sent to us!

Evil Face Ghost Picture
Strange photograph is
spooky indeed...

Friend's Son's Ectoplasm
Is this little boy surrounded
by ghosts who watch over
ufo pictures
scary ghost video
ghost angel pictures
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