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Dustin sent us this picture which has blurred background and pumpkins; but the
foreground is not blurry.  The following is Dustin's story:

"I think I'm being haunted...a lot of my pictures are having images appear in them.  
Ever since I moved to my new house, I have had whatever it is talk to me.  I also can
pick up e.v.p's on my tape recorder.  I was watching TV and I heard something in the
kitchen...I thought it was my girlfriend - and it said, "No" in a deep voice.  I said,  
"Who is it, then?" I heard it laugh and it was not  a normal, happy laugh.  Well, since
then, I haven't heard voices; but, on Halloween I took this picture of our pumpkins.  
We saw something on the porch with our pumpkins..."
pumpkins that are psychic
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