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Halloween Ghost Pictures from days gone by...
Steve Chasmar is a collector of old photographs and his ghost pictures, or shall
we say his old Halloween photos, are macabre, and somewhat eerie.

Though many of the pictures are simply people in costume from Halloween, these
photos can seem just as creepy as some ghost pictures we've seen.  There are a
couple spirit photographs thrown into the collection.  What do you think?
1911 Halloween Ghost Picture
1919 Halloween Ghost!
Halloween Ghost Pictures
Halloween Ghost Heads
Halloween Orb?
Halloween Smoke Ghost Picture Halloween Cigarette Ghost Picture
Old Halloween Ghosts
Old Halloween Ghost Picture - Costumes
Is it us, or were Halloween
ghost and goblin pictures
taken in times past more
creepier than the
costumes used today?

You decide...
Angels & Ghosts!
Halloween Ghost Pictures Copyright 2009 Angels & Ghosts, LLC
Photos courtesy of Steve Chasmar of the OpiumMuseum.