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Jane sent us another ghost photo to look at:

"Last month you posted the photo of the angel statue in Ocean Grove with the black mist,
and the two of the cat on the porch with the ectoplasm.

I did not think I would have more to send you - and then in posting some more of my
photos I found some.....

I am sending the first one now - it is an original photo, then a closer shot of the same
photo and a zoom in on the thing I see in the background.

This one is also from Ocean Grove.  My daughter is sitting on the porch of the Bed and
Breakfast we stayed at.  It was late and I had no idea if it would come out at all, because
the only light was a light at the door of the house and my flash.  The porch is an open
Victorian porch with NO lattice or curtains or anything.  I did not think anything of this
photo until I was getting ready to post it on a web album I have, and then I asked - what
are those glowing lights in the background behind my daughter, and what is the pattern
that looks like lattice or ribbing below it, when there was NO lattice and no fencing or
anything there.  I am attaching the original photo, then a close up and the two close ups of
the glowing "eyes" and the body below.  Am I crazy or do you see it too?  How weird is
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